11th Class English Notes Important Moral Stories

11th Class English Notes Moral Stories

In this post, I am sharing the 11th Class English Notes Important Moral Stories PDF for the students of the Intermediate 11th Class. 11th Class English subject is based on 2 textbooks. English Book 1 contains 15 short stories and Book 3 contains 3 plays and 20 Poems.

I have already shared all 11th Class English Plays Notes PDF and all 11th Class English Short Stories Notes PDF on AlQalam. Additionally, I have shared complete 11th Class English Notes Book III Poems which students can obtain at this link. This post is about 11th Class English Notes Important Moral Stories Notes PDF.

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Before the story write this paragraph.

The most hated word in this world is morality. The person who teaches morality is also hated and despised. It may be a pessimistic point of the present situation. We do not like to learn good morals and manners when they are taught in dull and dry manners. Perhaps it was because of this, that centuries ago Mr. Aesop concocted some moral stories. These stories have been written in a very lively and interesting style. We read these stories and learn some moral lessons from them. But we do not have any impression of being moralized. The following story is also a similar one.


At the end of the story write this paragraph.

Morals are like universal truths. Every person irrespective of his caste, creed, odour or country has a firm belief in them. Those who try to follow them in their lives avert many perils and Problems. The abovementioned story also teaches us. such a moral lesson that can help us avoid many unpleasant and bitter situations.

11th Class English Notes For Important Moral Stories

Class 11th English Important Moral Stories Talk About :

  • Honesty Is The Best Policy 
  • No Pains, No Gains
  • Pride Hath A Fall
  • Greed Is A Curse
  • Kindness Never Goes Unrewarded
  • A Friend In Need Is a Friend Indeed
  • Try Try Again
  • Might Is Right 
  • Tit For Tat
  • A Stitch In Time Save Nine
  • A rolling Stone gathers No Mass

                                      We are presenting 11th Class English Notes on Important Moral Stories. These Important moral stories will fulfil all the requirements of annual exams. In this way, these notes are very useful for 11th Class students. If you want to perform well in exams, you will have to prepare these notes. If you find any mistakes in these notes, comment us in the comment section to correct us.

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