What Al-Qalam Coaching Center is all About!!

If you have ever imagined:

“How I could get greats marks in SSC, HSSC, also in most of the famous Entry Tests conducted in Pakistan?” , you are in the ideal place
  Al-Qalam Coaching Center    is where you’re made capable to impress the paper checker by making paper presentation beautiful, you’re taught which mistakes not to make in the exams, interviews with toppers, Pakistan board policies, latest educational news, and much more
Our successful tips would help you where you want to be in the upcoming few decades. We tell the secrets being used by toppers into the common students who even can’t afford an academy. 

We Want to Change the Educational Sector by Helping Needed Students

And I know pupils are facing plenty of problems because of the absence of advice in our country. Students are misguided, a lot of hard-working students are not able to get the great marks since no suitable guidance is available either it comes to getting marks in SSC and HSSC or any type of Entry Test.

For the same reason, Al-Qalam Coaching Center was created to eliminate the common and intricate issues of Pakistani students so they can get the entry in their dream medical college or university.
Usman Mustafvi, Founder Of AlqalamCoachingCenter
I,m Usman Mustafvi, am the founder of Alqalam Coaching Center. I am now currently studying MCS at VU.

I did matriculation from Govt. Pilot Secondary School Phalia, F.Sc Pre- Engineering from  Govt. Islamia College Civil Lines Lahore and attended the University Of Sargodha, Sargodha where I studied BS(Hons) Physics.


I am a common man fighting Status quo, Physicist, Blogger, Social Media Activist,, motivational speaker and much more.