12th Class Result Sahiwal Board 2023

12th Class Result Sahiwal Board

Are you in search of the 12th class result Sahiwal Board 2023? Look no further, as you have landed on the right page.

It is important to note that the 2nd year result for the 2nd Year exams conducted by the BISE Sahiwal Board result will be announced in the last week of September 2023 or the first of October 2023.

Additionally, you can also able to check the 12th results of previous years by checking out the year-wise result section.

BISE Sahiwal Board 12th Class Result 2023

BISE Sahiwal 12th Result 2023 will be announced in the Last Week Of September or the First Week Of October 2023.BISE Sahiwal conducted the 12th Class 2023 examinations in May. Examinations started on the 18th of May till the 5th of June. According to the latest notification, the HSSC Part 2 Result 2023, the date has been set to 23rd September 2023 for the 2nd year result 2023 Sahiwal board.

Year Date
2018 12-Sep-2018
2019 04- SEP- 2019
2020 Covid
2021 14 -OCT-2021
2022 20- OCT- 2022
2023 23-Sep-2023 (Expected)

As you can see from the past 5 years of result analysis of the BISE Sahiwal Board for the 12th class, the board result 2023 Sahiwal resulting month is September Or October.

2nd Year Result Online Announcement Date

The eagerly awaited announcement of the 12th class result 2023 by the Sahiwal Board will be made on 23rd September 2023. It is essential to stay updated with the official announcements and keep track of the online result declaration date to avoid missing out on the exciting moment.

Do You Know About The BISE Sahiwal Board?

The Higher Education Department of Punjab established the Board on June 15, 2012. Before the establishment of the Board, different districts were facilitated by different boards. For example, Sahiwal and Pakpattan were supported by the Multan Board, and Okara was supported by the Lahore Board.

The Board is an independent body that does not require donations or funds from others to operate. It generates its own funds through the fees charged for examinations and other sources of income. The staff and senior officers of the Board are appointed by the controlling authority or by the government, typically for a period of three years.

How To Check Result Of the 12th BISE Sahiwal Result With An SMS?

 Are you aware that you can check the result of 12th Class Sahiwal board result of 12th class 2023 via SMS, even if the official website is inaccessible or offline? In fact, you don’t even require an internet connection for this service!

To check your results, simply write an SMS containing your Roll Number in a text and send it to “800292“. If you’re unsure how to proceed, allow me to guide you through the process:

  1. Open the messaging app on your mobile phone.
  2. Type your roll number in the message body.
  3. Send the message to the designated 800292 provided by the Sahiwal board.
  4. Wait for the reply message from the board to check the Sahiwal board 2nd-year result details.

12th Class Result Sahiwal Board

This method provides an efficient and convenient way to check 2nd year 12th Class Results, especially for those who may not have immediate access to the internet.

If you want to check the inter 2nd-year result 2023 by name on the official website, you can click below.

Checking the Result 2023 BISE Sahiwal Board by Name and Roll Number

If you happen to forget your roll number or misplace it, there’s no need to worry for 12th Class Students. The Sahiwal Board Fa, Fsc and Ics allow you to check the 12th class result by name as well. By entering your name and other required details on the official BISE board website, you can retrieve your result without the need for a roll number. This method ensures that no student is left behind and everyone can access the board 2nd-year result and see the result with ease.

Have You Passed The 12th Class?

We have notes that can help you to get higher marks in the examination. So, You Can also be able to check the following Notes.

Have You Failed The 12th Class?

  • We can understand how you are feeling, it’s not the end of the world. You should watch this video.

FAQs About 12th Class Result  2023 Sahiwal Board  (Check With SMS Too)

What is the name of the Sahiwal board?

The name of the board for Sahiwal is the Sahiwal Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, commonly known as BISE Sahiwal.

When Will BISE Sahiwal Board 12th Class Result 2023 Be Announced?


According to the previous result announcements, BISE Sahiwal Board 12th Class Result 2023 is expected to be announced in September 2023.


Who Appoints The Staff And Senior Officers Of The BISE Sahiwal Board?

The staff and senior officers of the BISE Sahiwal Board are appointed by the controlling authority or by the government. They appoint them normally for a period of 3 years.

How Does The BISE Sahiwal Board Generate Its Funds?

The BISE Sahiwal Board generates its funds through the charges of examinations and other sources of income like fees, etc. It’s an independent board that doesn’t need anyone’s donations or funds to run.

What Should I Do If I Have A Problem With My BISE Sahiwal 12 Class Result Online?

If you have any issues with your BISE Sahiwal result of 12th  you can contact the board’s office or visit the board’s website for instructions on how to file a complaint or request a rechecking of your paper.

Can I Apply For A Rechecking Of My BISE Sahiwal 12 Class Papers?

Yes, students can apply for rechecking of their papers. They must submit an application along with the prescribed fee to the board within fifteen (15) days after the result announcement.

Can I Check My BISE Sahiwal Board 12th Class Result 2023 Without The Internet?


No, you cannot check your BISE Sahiwal Board 12th Class Result 2023 without the Internet. However, you can access the official website of the board or use other online platforms to check your result.

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