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9th Class Physics Notes Chapter 7


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  • Gujranwala Board
  • Multan Board
  • Rawalpindi Board
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  • DGKhan Board
  • Sahiwal Board
  • Bahawalpur Board
  • Mirpur BOARD

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  • According to the latest paper pattern, short questions and numerical of chapter 7 is also solved.

SLOs Of 9th Class Physics Notes Properties Of Matter

By studying Properties Of Matter 9th class physics notes students will be able to: 
  • State kinetic molecular model of matter (solid, liquid and gas forms).
  •  Describe briefly the fourth state of matter i.e. Plasma. 
  • Define the term density.
  •  Compare the densities of a few solids, liquids, and gases. 
  • Define the term pressure (as a force acting normally on a unit area). 
  • Explain how pressure varies with force and area in the context of everyday examples. 
  • Explain that the atmosphere exerts pressure.
  •  Describe how the height of a liquid column may be used to measure atmospheric pressure. Describe that atmospheric pressure decreases with the increase in height above the Earth’s surface. 
  • Explain that changes in atmospheric pressure in a region may indicate a change in the weather. 
  • state Pascal’s law. Apply and demonstrate the use of examples of Pascal’s law. 
  • State the relation for pressure beneath a liquid surface to depth and to density i.e.,(P=pgh), and solve problems using this equation. 
  • State Archimedes principle.
  •  Determine the density of an object using Archimedes’s principle. 
  • State the upthrust exerted by a liquid on a body. 
  • State principle of floatation. 
  • Explain that a force may produce a change in the size and shape of a body. 
  • Define the terms stress, strain, and Young’s modulus. 
  • State Hooke’s law and explain the elastic limit.

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Chapter 07: Properties Of Matter
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