9th Class Physics Notes For Work And Energy Chapter 6 In PDF

9th Class Physics Notes For Work And Energy

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Do You Know Energy?

Energy is defined as the Ability To Do Work.


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Here you will get theoretical notes of ch#6 work and energy class 9 physics that include all the Long questions, numericals, and exercises short Questions that have been solved.


Chapter 06:  Work And Energy
Size 2 MB | Pages 20 |Content: Theory, Short Questions, Numericals.


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Ch#6 9th class physics notes for which board students?

These 9th-class physics notes for chapter 6 are very useful for all the students of Punjab boards.
  • Lahore Board
  • Sargodha Board
  • Gujranwala Board
  • Multan Board
  • Rawalpindi Board
  • Faisalabad Board
  • DG Khan Board
  • Sahiwal Board
  • Bahawalpur Board

 9th Class Physics Notes Chapter 6  Advantages

You just need to concentrate on each and every important question of  PDF 9th class  Physics notes of work and energy then you will see the magic in exams.
The main advantages of 9th-class notes are the following.
  1. AlQalam’s notes of 9th class physics for chapter 6  are very easy and helpful.  
  2. Your concepts will be clear about the topics with the help of these notes.
  3. According to the paper pattern, short questions and numerical of chapter 6 are also solved.


SLOs Of 9th Class Physics Notes Of Work And Energy


After  studying this chapter of 9th class physics students will be able to: 

  • Define work and its SI unit. 


  • Calculate work done using the equation Work = force x distance moved in the direction of the force. 


  • Define energy, kinetic energy, and potential energy. 


  • State unit of energy. 


  • Prove that kinetic energy and potential energy. 


  • Solve problems using these equations. 


  • List the different forms of energy with examples. 


  • Describe the processes by which energy is converted from one form to another with reference to


  • Fossil fuel energy


  • Hydroelectric generation


  • Solar energy


  • Nuclear energy


  • Geothermal energy


  • Wind energy


  • Biomass energy


  • State mass-energy equation and solve problems using it. Describe the process of electricity generation by drawing a block diagram of the process from fossil fuel input to electricity output. 


  • List the environmental issues associated with power generation. 


  • Explain by drawing energy flow diagrams through steady-state systems such as a filament lamp, a power station, or a vehicle travelling at a constant speed on a level road. Differentiate energy sources as non-renewable and renewable energy sources with examples of each. 


  • Define the efficiency of a working system and calculate the efficiency of energy conversion using the formula:


  • efficiency = energy output converted into the required form / total energy input


  • explain why a system cannot have an efficiency of 100%. Define power and calculate power from the formula: Power = work done / time taken


  • Define the unit of power “watt” in SI and its conversion with horsepower. 


Solve problems using mathematical relations learned in this unit.


If you find any mistake or difficulty in above notes of 9th class Physics notes of chapter 6. you can tell us via comment below, we will try our best to solve your problem.





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