Free Download Class 11th Notes in PDF for All Subjects

Class 11th Notes For All Subjects In PDF

Are you looking for Class 11th Notes for all subjects in one place?

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Welcome to Class 11! This is a critical stage in your education. You will explore new subjects and broaden your knowledge base. Comprehensive notes that cover each subject in-depth are essential for Class 11th. However, preparing for these exams can be a difficult task. Due To especially with the vast syllabus and limited time. 

That’s where Class 11th notes come in handy. These notes are a concise summary of the entire syllabus. Class 11th Notes can help students revise quickly and efficiently. In this article, we will tell you how to download Class 11th notes for all subjects in PDF format.

Class 11 Notes for Punjab Boards: Download the Notes You Need Now

All Subjects Class 11th Notes With Free PDF is exclusive to Punjab Boards. All Punjab boards students listed below will benefit from these 1st-year notes.

  • Lahore Board

  • Sargodha Board

  • Gujranwala Board

  • Multan Board

  • Rawalpindi Board

  • Faisalabad Board

  • DG Khan Board

  • Sahiwal Board

  • Bahawalpur Board

The AJK Board follows the Punjab Board syllabus. Therefore, students of AJK can also benefit from these notes.

How to Download Class 11th Notes  In PDF?

You can view PDF Notes online or download them. AlQalam facilitates you in both cases. Downloading Class 11th notes in PDF format for all subjects is very easy. Follow the steps below to download the notes:

In order to view online,

  1. Click on the “ Link after View and Download
  2. And then hit on “ Preview PDF online

In order to download,

  1. Click on the “ Link after View and Download
  2. And then hit on “Direct Download PDF

Class 11th Physics Notes :

Class 11th Notes For Physics

View and Download 👉 Class 11th Physics Notes

You will find :
  1.  Chapter # 1: Measurements
  2. Chapter # 2: Vector and Equilibrium 
  3. Chapter # 3: Motion and Force
  4. Chapter # 4: Work and Energy 
  5. Chapter # 5: Circular Motion 
  6. Chapter # 6: Fluid Dynamics 
  7. Chapter # 7: Oscillations 
  8. Chapter # 8: Waves 
  9. Chapter # 9: Physical Optics
  10. Chapter # 10: Optical Instruments 
  11. Chapter # 11: Thermodynamics 

Class 11th Math Notes 

Class 11th Math Notes For All Chapters

View and Download 👉 Class 11th Math Notes

You Will Find :

  1. Ch 1 Number Systems  
  2. Ch 2 Sets, Functions and Groups
  3. Ch 3 Matrices & Determinants  
  4. Ch 4 Quadratic Equations  
  5. Ch 5 Partial Fractions  
  6. Ch 6 Sequences & Series  
  7. Ch 7 Permutation, Combination & Probability  
  8. Ch 8 Mathematical Induction & Binomial Theorem   
  9. Ch 9 Fundamentals of Trigonometry  
  10. Ch 10 Trigonometric Identities  
  11. Ch 11 Trigonometric Functions & their Graphs  
  12. Ch 13 12 Application of Trigonometry  
  13. Ch 13 Inverse Trigonometric Functions  
  14. Ch 14 Solutions of Trigonometric Equation

Class 11th Chemistry Notes 

Class 11th Chemistry Notes For All Chapters

View and Download 👉 Class 11th Chemistry Notes

You Will Find :
  • Chapter 1- Basic Concepts  
  • Chapter 2- Experimental Techniques in Chemistry
  • Chapter 3-Gases 
  • Chapter 4- Liquid And Solids
  • Chapter 5-Atomic Structure
  • Chapter 6- Chemical Bonding
  • Chapter 7- Thermochemistry
  • Chapter8- Chemical Equilibrium
  • Chapter 9- Solutions 
  • Chapter 10 -Electrochemistry
  • Chapter 11-Reaction Kinetics

Class 11th English Notes 

Class 11th Notes For English

View and Download 👉 Class 11th English Notes

You Will Find :
  • 11th Class English Book I Notes
  • 11th Class English Book III Notes
  • 11th Class English Moral Stories Notes
  • 11th Class English Letters and Application Notes
  • 11th Class English Pair Of Words
  • 11th Class English Solved MCQs Objective

Class 11th Biology Notes 

Class 11th Biology Notes

View and Download 👉 Class 11th Biology Notes

You Will Find :

  • Chapter 1- Introduction to Biology  
  • Chapter 2 -Biological Molecules  
  • Chapter 3- Enzymes  
  • Chapter 4 -The Cell  
  • Chapter 5- Variety of Life  
  • Chapter 6 -Kingdom Prokaryotae (Monera)  
  • Chapter 7 -Kingdom Protista or Protoctista  
  • Chapter 8- Fungi  
  • Chapter 9 -Kingdom Plantae   
  • Chapter 10- Kingdom Animalia  
  • Chapter 11 -Bioenergetics  
  • Chapter 12- Nutrition  
  • Chapter 13 -Gaseous Exchange  
  • Chapter 14 -Transport

Class 11th Computer Science Notes

Class 11 Notes Computer Science

View and Download 👉 Class 11th Computer Science Notes

You Will Find :

  • Chapter 1: Basis of Information Technology
  • Chapter 2: Information Network
  • Chapter 3: Data Communication
  • Chapter 4: Application & Use of Computer
  • Chapter 5: Computer Architecture
  • Chapter 6: Security Copyright & Law
  • Chapter 7: Windows Operating System
  • Chapter 8: Word Processing
  • Chapter 9: Spreadsheet
  • Chapter 10: Fundamentals Of Internet

How to Use Class 11th Notes in PDF Effectively?

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  • You can download it on your smartphone or laptop
  • You can print them out for offline reading
  • You can save money
  • You can prepare for the board exams and other entry test exams.

In conclusion, our PDF notes are an excellent resource for students to enhance their learning and attain good marks. With our notes, students can study more efficiently. 11th Class Students can improve their grades and clear understanding of the subjects. We hope that Class 11th PDF notes will be of great benefit to all Class 11th students.  


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