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These FSc Math Notes 11 Class chapter No.2 Sets, Functions and Groups notes are in accordance with the syllabus and paper pattern of Punjab Text Book Board Lahore. However, These notes are very useful for the students from various boards including the Sargodha Board, Lahore Board, Sahiwal Board, Multan Board, Kashmir Board, Rawalpindi Board, Gujranwala Board, and DG Khan Board.

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Math Notes 11 Class Ch.2 Sets, Functions & Groups

You can easily view or download these notes ease. In addition, if you want to view Class 11th math notes and Chapter 2 notes online, please ensure that you have a PDF reader installed on your computer. These notes cover the following topics:

  • Rational numbers and irrational numbers
  • Properties of real numbers
  • Complex numbers
  • The real line

FSc PDF Math Notes 11 Class Chapter No. 2 contains eight exercises. These are

  • Introduction
    • Exercise 2.1
  • Operations on Sets
  • Venn Diagrams
    • Exercise 2.2
  • Operations on Three Sets
  • Properties of Union and Intersection
    • Exercise 2.3
  • Inductive and Deductive Logic
    • Aristotelian and non-Aristotelian logics
    • Symbolic Logic
  • Implication or Conditional
    • Biconditional : 

    • Conditionals related to a given Conditional.
    • Tautologies
    • Quantifiers
    • Exercise 2.4
  • Truth Seats, A Link between Set Theory and Logic
    • Exercise 2.5
  • Relations
  • Functions
    • Linear and Quadratic Functions
  • The inverse of a Function
    • Exercise 2.6
  • Binary Operations
    • Properties of Binary Operations
    • Exercise 2.7
  • Groups
  • Solution of Linear Equations
  • Reversal Law of Inverses
    • Exercise 2.8

Definition Math Notes 11 Class

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MCQs Math Notes 11 Class

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Math Notes 11 Class MCQs

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