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Educational Updates Whatsapp Groups Links Pakistan

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 Student’s Whatsapp Groups  Links Pakistan

Many students are worried that they will not be able to get accurate information in time which is causing them a lot of trouble. In view of this, Al-Qalam has created WhatsApp groups to guide the students.

Facebook groups are a good platform for many purposes, but whatsapp group URLs are more private, as well as WhatsApp groups. 

Whatsapp groups have great potential for teachers to share knowledge and for students to learn from others.

In which we regularly update all the educational information regarding   Matric, FSC, and result updates of the boards. Admission and Entrance Tests of all the universities. Information regarding NMDCAT.

All the students who can’t go to any of the good academies to study or inside the coaching centers want to get the tests of a good educational institution for free.
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They can also join our following WhatsApp groups. So that they can get Matric and FSC tests according to the latest board pattern after preparing that tests you can get good marks in your board exams.

Get the most of your study time with AlQalam Coaching Center Whatsapp Groups Links Pakistan. AlQalam Coaching Center has WhatsApp groups links Pakistan where students share their notes and get the most out of their study sessions. These Whatsapp groups links Pakistan will help you score great grades in your exams.

How You Can Join Whatsapp Groups Links Pakistan?

 If you want to get the educational updates, join our WhatsApp groups below so that you can get all the educational updates in time. 

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Only join the WhatsApp groups that fit your needs. For your convenience, the details of the content shared in each group are also stated. 

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Matric Whatsapp Groups Links Pakistan


Only material related to matriculation subjects will be shared in this group. For example notes, guess papers and tests of each book will be shared in PDF format. Click on the  Image to join  Matric Whatsapp Groups Links Pakistan.

Fsc  Whatsapp Groups Links Pakistan


Only material related to Fsc/Ics subjects will be shared in this group. For example notes, guess papers and chapter-wise  tests of each book will be shared in PDF format. Click on the  Image to join  Fsc Whatsapp Groups Links Pakistan.

MDCAT  Whatsapp Groups Links Pakistan


Only material related to NMDCAT or MDCAT   will be shared in this group. For example notes, FLPs, KIPS Books, Step worksheets and much more stuff related to NMDCAT will be shared in PDF format. Click on the  Image to join  NMDCAT Whatsapp Groups Links Pakistan.

Teacher Whatsapp Groups Links Pakistan


Only material related to teachers will be shared in this group. For example notes, chapter-wise tests and much more educational and study stuff related to teaching in PDF format. 

You can also get these PDF files with your academy name and logo at a reasonable price. 

Click on the  Image to join  Teacher Whatsapp Groups Links Pakistan.

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