Essay on Coronavirus


Essay on Coronavirus

Essay on Coronavirus – 200 Words

The COVID-19 virus, a new Coronavirus, initially appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan. The virus’s origins were traced back to a food market, where it was thought to have been passed from birds to people.

The virus spreads quickly from person to person by coughing and sneezing, and it is especially harmful to small children and the elderly. To prevent the virus from spreading, it is critical to practice basic hygiene by washing your hands often with soap and water and keeping at least one meter away from others.

Sadly, COVID-19 has no treatment at this time, and symptoms may not manifest for many days or weeks after infection. This emphasizes the need of taking precautions to protect yourself and others.

The World Health Organization has labelled the COVID-19 outbreak a global pandemic and is collaborating with nations worldwide to adopt countermeasures. The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) is also assisting nations in improving their pandemic response, such as exchanging best practices and maximizing the use of health workers.

To successfully battle future pandemics, we must be proactive in addressing public health hazards before they become widespread. To be prepared for the next catastrophe, we must change the way we think about and address health crises.

Essay on Coronavirus In Pakistan-500 words

Coronavirus is a type of virus that causes respiratory
illness. It is also called the novel coronavirus. The disease caused by this virus
is called COVID-19. This disease appeared in Wuhan, the city of China, in
December 2019. Gradually, it changed into a pandemic and spread all over the
world. Up till now, more than 1200 million people have been infected with this
virus causing almost 2.7 million deaths. Our dear homeland, Pakistan is also
badly affected by this infectious disease.

A novel coronavirus emerged in Pakistan in February 2020. On
26th February 2020, two confirmed cases of COVID-19 were reported in
Karachi and Islamabad. Since then, the disease has spread gradually enveloping
the whole country. Just after one month, cases had been registered in all four
provinces. The country was put under a nationwide lockdown for two months. Later
on, the smart lockdown was imposed in some areas where positive cases were
increasing rapidly.

July 2020 saw the climax of this disease. On 15 July, daily
new confirmed cases reached their peak, with 6825 new cases recorded. The quantity of confirmed cases has declined gradually. In the first
week of July, the number of active cases stabilized and started showing a sharp decrease. The government of Pakistan handled this coronavirus pandemic very
wisely and smartly and controlled coronavirus in a short time.

But the attack of this disease was not over. The people
became relaxed and did not continue the precautionary measures. Due to the
non-serious behaviour of the people, the second wave of COVID-19 started in
November 2020. The number of positive cases started to rise once again. All
the educational institutions had been closed since 26 November. Now Pakistan is
under a heavy attack from the third wave of coronavirus disease. Almost two to three
thousand positive cases are being reported on a daily basis. Almost fifty people
are dying on daily basis due to this fatal virus. Up till now, more than 600,000 cases are confirmed to be infected with the coronavirus. More than thirteen thousand
people have died due to this infectious disease. Punjab and Sindh are hard-hit
areas of Pakistan. Pakistan stands at 28th position in the list of
badly affected countries of the world.

There are many reasons behind this increase in the cases of
COVID-19. Low literacy rates and a general lack of awareness have created
non-seriousness among the people. They do not pay attention to social
distancing and hand hygiene. The high population density in major cities of
Pakistan is also facilitating in the spread of virus. There is a need to act
upon the precautionary measures if we want to defeat COVID-19. People should
limit their social activities. They should wear mask while going out. They
should wash their hands on regular basis. If we adopt these simple measures, we
can easily overcome this viral disease.

“Stay home, stay safe.”

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