Ics Subjects or Fsc Subjects : Which To Choose After Matric

ics subjects or fsc subjects

Hey Students, Are you in search
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Are you confused about whether to choose ICS or FSC subjects for your intermediate studies? Read this blog post to find out the pros and cons of each option and how they can affect your career prospects.

What are ICS and FSC Subjects?

ICS stands for Intermediate in Computer Science. It is a two-year course that focuses on the study of computer science, mathematics, and statistics. It is suitable for students who are interested in pursuing careers in the fields of information technology, software engineering, data science, artificial intelligence, and other related domains.

FSC stands for Faculty of Science. It is a two-year course that has two major streams: pre-engineering and pre-medical. Pre-engineering focuses on the study of physics, chemistry, and mathematics. It is suitable for students who are interested in pursuing careers in the fields of engineering, architecture, and other related domains. Pre-medical focuses on the study of physics, chemistry, and biology. It is suitable for students who are interested in pursuing careers in the fields of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and other related domains.
Keep in mind If the wrong field is
chosen, then it would make your whole life miserable. So, Today we are sharing
wonderful information with you to choose ICS subjects for class 11.
Yes!!! You are in the right place and
you are reading the right thing.

Benefits of ICS Subjects

  • ICS subjects provide a strong foundation in computer science, which is one of the most in-demand and lucrative fields in the modern world.
  • ICS subjects develop logical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills, which are essential for any career path.
  • ICS subjects offer a wide range of career options, such as software developer, web designer, network administrator, database manager, data analyst, and many more.
  • ICS subjects also allow students to pursue higher education in computer science or related fields, such as BSCS, BSIT, BSE, MCS, MIT, and MSE.

Drawbacks of ICS Subjects

  • ICS subjects require a lot of hard work, dedication, and passion, as computer science is a challenging and dynamic field that requires constant learning and updating of skills.
  • ICS subjects may limit the scope of students who want to switch to other fields later, as they may not have the required background or prerequisites for those fields.
  • ICS subjects may also face competition from other students who have done FSC pre-engineering, as they may also be eligible for admission in computer science or related fields.

Benefits of FSC Subjects

  • FSC subjects provide a strong foundation in science, which is the basis of all knowledge and innovation.
  • FSC subjects develop scientific thinking, experimental skills, and research abilities, which are valuable for any career path.
  • FSC subjects offer a wide range of career options, such as engineer, doctor, dentist, pharmacist, architect, and many more.
  • FSC subjects also allow students to pursue higher education in science or related fields, such as BS, MS, and PhD.

Drawbacks of FSC Subjects

  • FSC subjects require a lot of hard work, memorization, and practice, as science is a vast and complex field that requires a lot of information and understanding.
  • FSC subjects may limit the scope of students who want to switch to other fields later, as they may not have the required background or prerequisites for those fields.
  • FSC subjects may also face competition from other students who have done the same or similar subjects, as they may have similar qualifications and skills.

ICS Subjects Or Fsc Subjects Eligibility

  • Any students who want to take admission to ICS subjects, they must have a matriculation degree.
  • Each student after matriculation can be admitted to ICS subjects whether he/she studied matric in science or Arts.
  • Those students who passed matric in Arts, they can select ICS subjects.  
  • Admission to ICS must be done on the merit list which was different in each college.


ICS is an abbreviation of the
intermediate of  Computer science. It’s best
for those students who want to study
computers and science simultaneously.
ICS subjects are one of the ideal
subject combinations for the future.

 Compulsory ICS Subjects or FSC Subject

Compulsory Subjects are subjects that you must study in your intermediate, regardless of whether you are doing ICS, simple FA, or FSc. These are some of the topics:
Islamic Education in Urdu and English

As a result, the above-mentioned subjects are required to be studied by all first-year students in any field. As a result, you will be studying all three subjects in ICS.
If you are
interested in computer science or you want to do BCS   or  MCS then you should choose ICS subjects after the 

ICS subjects are divided
into the following three groups.
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Unfortunately, in Pakistani society, ICS subjects do not hold much respect.

According to many career counselors, ICS field is much better than Pre-Medical and Pre-Engineering.

Because ICS subjects have a 19 trillion dollar market and there is an increase day by day.
 Nowadays every new business requires a website where their
customers can log login, and they can help the users for a good experience in
order to generate more money.

If you have an extreme interest in computers and
the internet, then you should choose this field Of ICS subjects. It is the field I am 100% sure of, and you
will never be jobless.

Because if you have
skills, you can earn money online without no investment.
You can get success in ICS subjects only if you have a keen interest
in computers, you have an interest in how the internet works, you have nosiness how
many transistors are in the processors of Intel and you’re curious about how a
website works.
If you are studying this field with no aim in mind and no interest, you
will end up disappointed.
This world has become a global
village due to computers and the internet. Computers and the internet are all due to
the knowledge of the ICS subjects.

 You Should Select ICS Subjects If You wanna be a Computer Engineer. 

You should select
ICS subjects after matriculation if you wanna be a hardware engineer,
software engineer, and computer engineering.
There are more than fifty fields
after intermediate computer science.
A few of them are the following.
  •         Software
    applications developer.
  •        Computer
    systems analyst.
  •        Computer
    systems engineer.
  •        Network
    systems administrator.  
  •        Database
  •        Business
    intelligence analyst.
  •        Web
  •         Computer
  •         Game
  •        App
  •         IT

FSC Subjects Vs ICS Subjects  

There are
two groups for the FSc subjects. Which are following
Pre Medical  Group
PreEngineering  Group
I will
discuss each group one by one in detail.

 Fsc Pre Medical Group:

At the intermediate level, there are various course options to
choose from ICS subjects or FSc subjects. One of the most important among these groups is FSC Pre-Medical
If you have studied science subjects (which includes Physics, Chemistry
& Biology) and you have got marks in these subjects plus you have much
interest in Biology then you should definitely go for this course
Do you know?

Pakistani 90% students choose Pre-Medical to become an MBBS doctor In Pakistan.

But only 8% to 9% of students can be admitted to
the Govt. medical colleges after FSc pre-medical.
FSc pre-medical demands a lot of hard work and dedication if
you want to be a doctor.
There are the following subjects for FSc Pre Medical:
2.       Chemistry
3.       Physics
4.       Islamiyat
5.       Pak Studies
The toughest books for the Pre-Medical students are Chemistry and Physics.

Should You Select Pre-Medical for
Becoming a Doctor?

It is an
important question for those students who love to become a doctor.

Pre-Medical is considered as the initial step towards medical field.
If you
choose the Fsc Pre-medical then also keep in mind the MDCAT test. The entry test will be conducted after the exams of FSC medical which is
known as the MDCAT.
You can’t
bypass the MDCAT Test.
The MDCAT test
is necessary for medical colleges. Without
passing the MDCAT test you can’t take admitted to MBBS or BDS.
It is a bitter
truth that not everyone can become a doctor in this universe, the pass
percentage of MDCAT is only 8%. Do you know, what it means? It means among
the 100 students only 8 students are selected for the medical colleges and
Make it clear with
another example.

Ten studenets take the MDCAT,then only one is slected.

Seriously, I am not threatening you not to
select it. I love to live in reality, not in the castles of sand.

What If I Don’t Want to Become a

 If you’ve thought to select Biotechnology, Microbiology, DVM etc after doing FSc
premedical then you can select these fields in famous universities of
Pakistan if you get above 78% aggregate via MDCAT.

SO, you have to clear the
tests of  UHS MDCAT in order to get admission to these fields in the
famous universities of Punjab like the University of Agriculture (Faisalabad), the University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences (Lahore) and many others.

Fsc Pre-Engineering Group:

Just like FSc Pre-Medical, FSc
Pre-engineering is also a two-year program.
It is the field in which Pakistani
boys get most of the admissions than the girls.  Pre-Engineering needs
less hard work as compared to Pre-Medical subjects.
Fsc Medical required 86% to take
admission, and sometimes more as was the case with the previous year 88.6; but,
you can get admission to Engineering University easily if you get above 80%

In FSc
Pre-Engineering group students have to study 3 compulsory and 3 elective

You have to study
the following subjects:
3. Math
4. Islamiyat
5. Pak Studies
7. Urdu
All the subjects Pre-Medical and Pre-engineering are the same except Maths. Fsc pre Engineering also demands hard work if
you want to be admitted to PIEAS, NUST, and UET.

 Some of Top Engineering Universities which have their own Entry Test.  

These Universities are following  
  • National University
    of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
  • Pakistan Institute
    of Engineering and Applied Sciences (PIEAS)
  • AIR University
  • FAST University
  • International Islamic University

If you want to be admitted to NUST,
you can check its aggregate
1.   NUST Entry Test – 75 %
2.   HSSC / DAE or HSSC Part-I – 15 %
3.   Matriculation / O Level* – 10 %
It means you can
get admission to NUST if you take the NET exceptionally.

Decide What You Want To Be First? An Engineer or a Doctor?

If you wanna be an engineer then take up
engineering. Ensure that you are competent in Mathematics,
Physics and Chemistry.
If you wanna be a doctor and take up pre-med. Ensure that you
are competent in  Biology and Chemistry. Being good in Physics may be a
have to ask yourself, you have identified your weakness and strength,
you have to check your brain and heart whether you can do it or not.

If the answer of the brain and the heart is different then you can’t
do this. You must have confidence in yourself, yes, you

Note: The duration of the programme is two years. The BISE conducts terminal examinations for 1st year and 2nd year separately.

How to Choose the Right Subjects for You?

Choosing the right subjects for your intermediate studies is a crucial decision that can affect your future career and life. Therefore, you should consider the following factors before making your choice:

Your interest and passion: You should choose the subjects that you are genuinely interested in and passionate about, as they will motivate you to study and perform well.

Your aptitude and ability: You should choose the subjects that you are good at and comfortable with, as they will help you to achieve your academic goals and excel in your exams
Your career goals and aspirations: You should choose the subjects that align with your career goals and aspirations, as they will prepare you for the field that you want to pursue and open up opportunities for you.

Your market demand and scope: You should choose the subjects that have a high market demand and scope, as they will increase your chances of getting a good job and earning a decent income.

Now that you know the differences between ICS and FSC subjects, which one would you choose for your intermediate studies? 

Let us know in the comments below! If you need more guidance on choosing the right subjects for your career, contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you!

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