15 Questions to an RMU MBBS Student: Zeeshan Walayat

15- Questions- to -an -RMU- MBBS- Student- Zeeshan- Walayat

I am very thankful to Zeeshan Walayat about taking an interview on getting great marks in F.Sc and other common problems that students face in exams and daily life.

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He is now an MBBS final year student at Rawalpindi Medical University, Rawalpindi who topped  District M.B.DIN in the HSSC exam of BISE GRW in 2015. 
AlQalam Coaching Center: Introduce yourself. Where did you study matric and F.Sc. Explain briefly how did your family bring up you to such an extent that you’ve become a brilliant student.

My name is Zeeshan Walayat. I am a student of final year MBBS at Rawalpindi medical university, Rawalpindi. 

I did my matric from Govt. Higher secondary school Qaderabad (2011-2013) and my FSc from Farabi College Phalia. Dist M.B.Din (2013-2015).

Well, there’s a lot that can be written here to credit my parents in bringing me up but one thing I would specifically like to mention is ‘Appreciation’. From my very early age, my mother used to appreciate me a lot whenever I used to get good results. This made my image about myself as a very intelligent student who would try his best to maintain his position. This thinking made it easy for me to excel in any class that continued thereafter.

AlQalam Coaching Center: What does RMU make different than other medical colleges in Pakistan?

Well, it would not be justice to compare an institute you study in to the institutes you never have even been to.  Anyhow what I would like to add here about RMU is that it is a very professional, well administered, well-disciplined institute with a seemingly very bright future. 3 allied hospitals to encounter almost all clinical cases of almost every department of the medicine being practised in Pakistan. RMU also exceeds other medical institutes in ‘Research’ which has very much importance in this field.

AlQalam Coaching Center: You studied from Gujranwala Board, so what do you suggest which board students should follow for the success in MDCAT, Punjab or Federal? Because FBISE has changed many books which are much different than Punjab Board.

I think for MDCAT specifically, Punjab boards are of more benefit for students than the federal board. Because firstly it is easy to score really good in Punjab boards compared to federal and secondly as is mentioned in the question MDCAT follows the same books which are taught in Punjab boards.

AlQalam Coaching Center: How did you manage college and academy at the same time? Wasn’t it an enigma?

I used to prepare one side’s work from the book and just prepared my own made lecture notes on the other side.

I was a student who followed a specific routine/schedule no matter what. So for me, it was not actually very tough to manage both academy and college at the same time. 

AlQalam Coaching Center: Do you think the Academy plays an important role? Tips for students who can’t afford? When did you start preparation for MDCAT, and how many months did it take to complete?

Academy is nor a ‘must’ for FSc neither for MDCAT. In the first year of my FSc, I also joined the academy for one or at times two subjects only. According to my opinion, it depends on your need. If college is working fine you don’t have to go to the academy at all. But If you think some specific subject of yours is not up to the mark, then consulting academy is good indeed.

For those who can’t afford I think if their college teachers are teaching good they don’t have to worry about it at all.

I started my preparation of entry test right two days after my 2nd-year exams were over. And I kept studying till the day of my entry test. I completed the syllabus in 2 months then 3rd month was for the practice and test sessions.

AlQalam Coaching Center: What do you suggest to the students who can’t afford the Academy for entry test preparation? Which books do you prefer for Entry Test Preparation other than textbooks?

First of all such students should be able to do as much as hard work at home as they would have been doing if they were going to the academy. Actually going with the class makes it easy to do daily studies and work hard. But going alone with no evaluation makes it much difficult. So if you can’t afford academy it’s fine but never ever give less time to your studies.

Secondly, I’ll recommend two things for such students the UHS past MDCAT papers, to understand the UHS exam taking strategy and secondly, if they can afford, test sessions or Full-Length Papers(FLPs) with any good academy.

Regarding books I won’t suggest any main books other than the Punjab board textbooks, they are the mains. Anyhow any good MCQs practice book for physics and book for English vocabulary with pictures.

If someone has this really good he/she can go for past papers or any other practice questions.

AlQalam Coaching Center: What did you do before the Entry Test day? How many hours did you sleep? Do you think sleeping makes a major difference in studies?

A day before my entry test I followed my routine as usual. I slept at my usual time that was 11:00pm, and I woke up at 7 in the morning.

In everyday routine, sleep and diet must be good. It does affect your mental health and studies. 

AlQalam Coaching Center: How do you memorize effectively so that you don’t forget during the F.Sc exams and Entry Tests separately? Do you revise daily or weekly or monthly? What are your smart ways?

I used to pay all my attention in the class and tried to memorise the topic right there in the classroom and recall things from the lecture as the teacher left. 

In FSc I used to prepare the topics really good for the first time and then revised them later whenever there was a test and I never missed any test so it made me revise every topic for nearly 10 times before the final exams. 

In the entry test, I revised as many times as I could.

I always make my own silly mnemonics. I believe in memorising be repetition, the more you repeat the more you remember. In MDCAT (English) Pictorial memory from vocabulary book helped to memorise things easily and better.

AlQalam Coaching Center: How did you control yourself during the MDCAT Entry Test? Even brilliant students become nervous during the test, and get low marks?

I had this confidence in me that I’ll make through it and it helped me empower my nerves. I knew I had worked hard for it and Allah will never let my efforts gone wasted.

AlQalam Coaching Center: You got great marks in F.Sc exam, what were the things that made such marks possible?

My family’s(especially my mother’s) prayers.
 My concentration, hard work and my paper presentation. Teachers have a lot of contribution in this too. 

AlQalam Coaching Center: Is it important to follow the board lines rule to write answer 3 to 4 lines in English, Urdu and other science subjects?

I actually don’t know about any such rule but in my papers, I used to answer short questions in whichever number of lines it took me to make it completely answered i.e with little example and formula(if applicable),  of-course keeping in mind my time management plan.

AlQalam Coaching Center: How do you spend your free time and relieve stress?


I have spent a lot of my free time in social work, I had been head of publication department at SYNCH for almost three years, an organization which works on education, health, and welfare activities. Especially we conducted many career counselling sessions for undergraduate students. 

For details you can refer to our Facebook page names ‘SYNCH’.

I am an artist by hobby, I run my own Facebook page named ‘Portraits by Zeeshan’ I’ve participated in many local, district and national level competitions and won many of them. I also had been arts representative of my class last year.


These days I am learning graphic designing,  I actually want to convert my art into some modernized form of technology, and then I aim to mix it with my medical field and bring something unique. Let’s see where it goes.

AlQalam Coahing Center: How did I manage these hobbies along with studies? 

In my FSc and Entry test time, I utilised most of my time for studying. That’s what I’ll suggest the juniors as well.
I used to do my sketching but very occasionally, whenever I had my vacations etc. 
In daily routine, I had fun with friends and played badminton for like half an hour. 

In the entry test, I didn’t have any co-curricular activities, just studies. In medical college, we can spare our time in the first few months of a year and anyone can give that time to whichever hobby they want to.

AlQalam Coahing Center : How did you keep yourself motivated towards your goals?

I used to set a target score and write it on the wall where I could see it daily. 

And also I had this realization that my family and teacher’s expectations from me don’t allow any stupidity, this realization never let me get detracted from my goal.
AlQalam Coahing Center : The last message to the students who are preparing for F.Sc exams and entry tests?

Stay focused, work hard, be kind, stay humble, be honest. And help your fellows. 

And also give your best but never make it a matter of life and death. This is not the biggest exam of your life. Life takes much more tough exams. And keep an option two in your mind. If you don’t make it to a medical college, it won’t be the end of the world. Life has much more than this MDCAT.

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