15 Questions to an KMSMCS MBBS Student: Rooma Khalid


AlQalam Coaching Center had the privilege to take an interview with Rooma Khalid, the final year MBBS student of  Khawaja Muhammad Safdar Medical College Sialkot.


Here are the 15 questions that she has answered. If you think there is a question that you need to be answered then you can comment below at the bottom of the article. She will answer the students for sure.


Introduce yourself. Where did you study matric and F.Sc. Explain briefly how did your family bring up you to such an extent that you’ve become a brilliant student?

My name’s Rooma khalid. I belong to village Murala, Distt. M.B.Din. I did my matriculation and Fsc from Farabi school and college Phalia.

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A village where people are usually reluctant to send their daughters to cities for the education I am fortunate enough that I got the best parents who supported me and helped me at every step. They are my backbone. And it’s due to them that now I am standing here as Final year MBBS student of KMSMCS.
What does KMSMC make different than other medical colleges in Pakistan?
It’s only been 8-9 years since this college was built so It has a very clean environment and new buildings, beautiful one. Haha. 
Hostels within college premises, only 100 students per class, you feel like home here and own this college. 
Apart it falls in Category A. And academic results are always brilliant.

What was your timetable for studying at home during working days and weekends? How did you dedicate time to each subject?

I used to live in a hostel. My daily routine was like a wake up at fajr study till college time (to study at morning is very beneficial, you learn things rapidly), go to college, academy, and then way back. I would sleep early at night.

Sunday had been rest to me no books no study only family and fun.
What was your way of memorizing? Did you write everything that you learned?
No, not really. I used to read the topic, read and read again. And then the test. Tests are really important to excel. When you recall things during tests you don’t forget them. So don’t miss even when you haven’t studied, at least you will be able to do some creative work. Haha. 
Did you prepare for MDCAT during F.Sc?
No, I didn’t. MDCAT is what? It involves your textbooks so if you have memorized them well you are done with more than half of the preparation.

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How did you keep yourself motivated towards your goals?
I go with the flow. It may not sound so cool but yes I had strong faith that our struggle during the journey matters more than achieving the final destination. So I did my best at every step and left the rest to Allah. 
How do you cope with stress?


Ummm… In a stressful situation, I just pray and ask Allah to help relieve the burden.


Well in the routine I write a diary (putting your emotions down on page really helps cope with it), do painting and calligraphy sometimes and have fun with friends, that’s all.


What are your best and worst qualities?


Well, the good quality is I pick up and learn things very soon. Plus I love maths and stats. 
Perhaps that’s also my worst (haha) my long term memory is not so good so I have to read things again and again.
What will you do if you aren’t accepted to medical school?

I would have been a physiotherapist or chemist or a mathematician probably. 
Do you have any family members or role models who are Doctor?
I am the only MBBS student in my family (first relatives). So no special role model. 
BUT I’ll like to mention my uncle and some other family members who used to say me doctor even when I was so young. That gave me hope and spirit and a lot more.
Why did you decide to choose medicine and not some other field where you can help others, such as nursing, physical therapy, pharmacology, psychology, education, or social work?
I might’ve chosen physiotherapy or pharmacy if I had not gotten admission. 
Regarding social work we are running here a Child Education Program in our college (KCEP) which I’ll serve as president this year.

Here is a link to that must visit

We can continue social work alongside with other professions so I chose MBBS that is a very noble one. In fact, Allah has chosen me for this. 
What qualities do you look for in a Doctor? Can you provide an example of a Doctor who embodies any of these ideals? How do they do this?
I’ll just like to say A doctor should be honest to his profession. It’s a field where one is dealing with people’s lives so there is no chance of mistake or faulty behaviour. 
Well, there are a lot of wonderful doctors around us whom we must appreciate. 

Any achievements of yours in college which you want to share with us?

I am a good athlete and actively participate in sports festive.
I am the captain of my cricket team and a member of the badminton team and we have won prizes for both the games.
I do participate in literary events and have won prizes for Urdu story writing and poetry contests (yeah I do write occasionally :D). I wrote poems for the college magazine too. 
I also participate in debates.
I have served my class as GR in 1st year of MBBS.

 I m also good in studies and got a distinction in a subject.

 The last message to the students who are preparing Fsc exams and entry tests?

I don’t know much about the federal system.
Well getting marks is not a tough job. Learn the things, do conceptual study, BE REGULAR, give all the tests exams etc and you’ll get really really good marks.

There is a concept that if you write book wording in exams you get more marks. That’s not true at all. You just need to understand the concepts and you can write in your own words.

In literature like English and Urdu try to write some creative and different from all the typical stories and essays that’ll be rocking. 

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