9th Class Physics Notes For Chapter 2 Kinematics (With PDF )

9th class physics notes For Chapter 2
9th class physics notes for chapter 2 Kinematics have come to AlQalam Coaching Center to solve your problems. If you want to download the 9th class physics notes of chapter 1 then you can go:

9th class physics notes for which board students?

These notes are very useful and helpful for the students belonging to the Following Boards of Punjab Province and AJK . Gujranwala Board, Lahore Board, AJK Board, Multan Board, and Sargodha Board.


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 Physics Notes For Class 9th Chapter 2 Advantages

  1.  Physics notes for class 9th chapter 2 notes are written in easy words.
  2.  Important questions are also given in Kinematics Chapter 2  notes.
  3. All  Do You Known ? and Quick Quizs questions are also solved.
  4. MCQs with answers are also given in Chapter 2 Kinematics Physics notes for class 9th.
  5. Solved Numerical in physics notes for class 9th chapter 2. 

SLOs of  9th Class Physics Notes For Chapter 2

  •  Describe using examples of how objects can be at rest and in motion simultaneously. 
  • Identify different types of motion i.e. translatory, (linear, random, and circular); rotatory and vibratory motions and distinguish among them. 
  • Differentiate with examples between distance and displacement, speed and velocity.
  • Differentiate with examples between scalar and vector quantities. 
  • Represent vector quantities by drawing. 
  • Define the terms speed, velocity and acceleration.
  •  Plot and interpret the distance-time graph and speed-time graph. 
  • Determine and interpret the slope of distance-time and speed-time graph. 
  • Determine from the shape of the graph, the state of a body including at rest, moving with constant speed and moving with variable speed.

Do you know?

Equations Of Motions are very important for paper point of view.

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KINEMATICS 9th Class Physics Notes For Chapter 2


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