9th Class Physics Notes For Chapter 4 Turning Effect Of Forces Free Download

9th class physics notes for chapter 4

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   Physics Notes For Class 9th Chapter 4 Key Points

  •  Physics notes for class 9th  Turning Effect Of Forces Chapter 4 notes are written in easy words.
  •  Important questions are also given in the Turning Effect Of Forces notes.
  • All  Do You Known ? and Quick quizzes are also solved.
  • MCQs with answers are also given in Chapter 4 notes for class 9th Physics.
  • Solved Numerical in Turning Effect Of Forces notes pdf. 


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SLOs of  Turning Effect Of Forces (9th Class Physics Notes For Chapter 4) 

After studying  notes of 9th class physics students will be able to:


Define like and unlike parallel forces. 
State head to the tail rule of the vector addition of forces/vectors. 
Describe how a force is resolved into its perpendicular components. 
Determine the magnitude and direction of a force from its perpendicular components.
Define the moment of force or torque as moment = force x perpendicular distance from the pivot to the line of action of the force.
Explain the turning effect of force by relating it to everyday life. 
State the principle of moments. 
Define the center of mass and center of gravity of a body. 
Define the couple as a pair of forces tending to produce rotation.
Prove that the couple has the same moments about all points. 
Define equilibrium and classify its types by quoting examples from everyday life. 
State the two conditions ‘ for the equilibrium of a body. 
Solve problems on simple balance systems when bodies are supported by one pivot only. 
Describe the states of equilibrium and classify them with common examples. 
Explain the effect of the position of the center of mass on the stability of simple objects.

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Chapter 04: Turning Effect Of Forces
Size 3MB   | Pages 17|  Content: Theory, Short Questions, Numericals.



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