9th Class Physics Notes For Chapter 9 [Transfer Of Heat ] In PDF

9th class physics notes Ch 9 transfer of heat

9th Class Physics Notes For Chapter 9 Transfer Of Heat are now ready to download or view pdf online.

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Do You Know Heat?

Heat is the form of  energy which transfer from one body to another due to the difference of temperature.

9th Class Physics Notes Ch. 9 Long Questions

  1. What is thermal conductivity and rate of flow of
    heat? On what factors the rate of flow of heat depends. Derive its formula.
  2. What is convection process? Describe it briefly. 
  3. Write a note on land and sea breezes and gliding.
  4. Define Radiation. How does heat reach us from the sun? Explain Radiation.
  5. How emission and absorption of radiation can be explained by Leslie’s cube? 
  6. What is the greenhouse? What is the effect of the greenhouse in nature?.

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  • Sahiwal Board
  • Bahawalpur Board
  • AJK


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Ch.9 Trasnfer Of Heat  (Short  Questions)

9th Class Physics Transfer Of Heat Short Questions

1. How many methods of transmission of heat are used?

2. What is Conduction?  write down its usage in our daily life.

3. What is Insulator?

4. Why conduction of heat does not take place in

5. Write down some uses of conductors and non-conductors.

6. Define convention?

7. What do you know about convection currents in Air? Write down some uses.

8. How land and sea breezes are produced?

9. Explain the impact of the greenhouse effect on
global warming.

10. What do you know about birds gliding?

11. Define Radiation

12. Why tea in a cup becomes cold earlier as compared to a teapot?

13. Why transfer of heat in fluids takes place by convection? 

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Class 9th Physics Notes Ch.9 


Chapter 09: Transfer Of Heat
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 Green house is a house formed by the glass and transparent polythene sheets. It is used for the batter growth of some plants



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