9th Class Physics Notes For Chapter 3 PDF [ Dynamics ]

9th Class Physics Notes For Chapter 3 Dynamics

Are you looking for 9th-class physics notes for chapter 3 Dynamics?

Do you know Dynamics?

The branch of mechanics that deals with the study of motion of an object and the cause of its motion.

Chapter 3 Dynamics 9th class physics notes have come on AlQalam Coaching Center to solve your problems. 

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Physics Notes For Class 9th Ch 3 Advantages

  1.  Physics notes for class 9th chapter 3 notes are written in easy words.
  2.  Important questions are also given in Dynamics Chapter 3  notes.
  3. All  Do You Known ? and Quick quizzes are also solved.
  4. MCQs with answers are also given in Chapter 3 Dynamics Physics notes for class 9th.
  5. Solved Numerical in 9th class physics notes of chapter 3. 


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I have talked enough!. Here you can get the chapter 3 dynamics notes for 9th class physics.

Chapter 03: 9th Class Physics Notes Dynamics
Size 2 MB | Pages 27 |Content: Theory, Short Questions, Numericals.

SLOs of  9th Class Physics Notes For Chapter 3

  •  Define momentum, force, inertia, friction, and centripetal force. 
  • Solve problems using the equation Force=change in momentum/change in time.
  •  Explain the concept of force with practical examples of daily life.
  •  State Newton’s laws of motion. Distinguish between mass and weight and solve problems using F= ma, and w = mg. 
  • Calculate tension and acceleration in a string during the motion of bodies connected by the string and passing over a frictionless pulley using the second law of motion. 
  • State the law of conversation of momentum. 
  • Use the principle of conservation of momentum in the collision of two objects. 
  • Determine the velocity after the collision of two objects using the law of conversation of momentum. 
  • Explain the effect of friction on the motion of a vehicle in the context of tyre surface, and road conditions including skidding, and braking force.
  •  Demonstrate that rolling friction is much lesser than sliding friction. List various methods to reduce friction. 
  • Explain that motion in a curved path is due to a perpendicular force on a body that changes the direction of motion but not speed. 
  • Calculate the centripetal force on a body moving in a circle.
  • State what will happen to you while you are sitting inside a bus when the bus
  1. Starts moving suddenly
  2. Stops moving suddenly
  3. Turns a corner to the left suddenly
  • Write a story about what may happen to you when you dream that all friction suddenly disappeared. Why did your dream turn into a nightmare?



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