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Need Chemistry notes for Class 9? Look no further! We’ve got the best notes that are super simple to follow and will make you a Chemistry pro in no time.AJK and Punjab Boards have the same chemistry syllabus for the 9th Class.

Chemistry Notes For Class 9 PDF for all Punjab Boards (BISEs) in PDF Format. The students of 9th Class, Matric, SSC Level, O-Level, and IX who are studying the course/syllabus prescribed by the Punjab Education Department can get benefit from these notes. However, the rest of the students/teachers can also utilize these as per their needs.

Chemistry Notes for Class 9: Read Online, No Downloads Needed

Here you aren’t going to get the 9th class chemistry notes in PDF instead you may read them online without downloading anything. All the chapters are important in the syllabus of the 9th class chemistry. 

Students can listen to free video lectures on YouTube. They can clear their concepts, make notes, and revise from the chemistry specialists. The curriculum outline for class 9th from Chapter One is as follows.


  • Chapter 1 — Fundamentals of Chemistry
  • Chapter 2 — Structure of Atoms
  • Chapter 3 — Periodic Table and Periodicity of Properties
  • Chapter 4— Structure of Molecules
  • Chapter 5 — States of Matter
  • Chapter 6 — Solutions
  • Chapter 7 — Electrochemistry
  • Chapter 8 — Chemical Reactivity

Chemistry Notes for Class 9

On AlQalam Coaching Center, we not only provide you with chemistry notes for class 9 but we also provide notes for other subjects as well. You can find notes for English, Physics, Maths etc. In addition to this, the chemistry notes provided here are in line with the latest edition chemistry book for the academic year of 2024. You can also avail the facility of 9th Class chemistry notes in English PDF.

Online Preview Chemistry Notes For Class 9

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9th Class Chemistry Notes

These Chemistry Notes For Class 9 are made with the help of experienced and great teachers so that students can learn properly all the concepts that are in 9th Class Chemistry level as you can start with the basics like what is atomic mass and its major types or pvc stands for or lightest particle of atom or importance of chemistry or what are transition elements or what is meant by mole or is selenium brittle.

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