Essay on Corruption with Quotations


Essay on Corruption with Quotations

Essay on Corruption with Quotations – 200 Words

“Bribing is a sin against mankind.”

Public officials cannot maintain a standard of living without help from bribes that they may or may not accept depending on if it’s convenient for them at the time – which means there isn’t any accountability here because people don’t have enough money! Third, a lack of morality has led most citizens away from religion where “right” prevails over “wrong.” 

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Fourth-and this could be considered as both an input and output, but I want you guys to think about what we can change, so let me know how these ideas resonate with your thoughts-is corruption itself: Ultimately, when no one follows protocol anyway.

“Conscience is God’s presence in man.” (Swedenborg)

Public officials often rely on bribes to maintain their standard of living, making them prone to accepting them if it is convenient, resulting in a lack of accountability. Thirdly, the decline in morality has caused many citizens to abandon religion, where the concept of “right” trumps “wrong.” 

Fourthly, corruption itself is both a cause and an effect. When the protocol is not followed, corruption becomes the norm.

Corruption is like a ball of snow, once it’s set rolling it must increase.” (Charles Caleb)

Essay on Corruption with Quotations – 500 Words

“Religion can provide society with a moral compass to steer clear of corruption”

 Corruption has become one of the most embarrassing and explosive problems all over the world especially in third-world countries like Pakistan. It is fraught with dangers and devastating dimensions and evil impacts of formidable magnitude. if corruption creeps into society then people lose faith and become disillusioned because they feel their voices don’t matter in a corrupt world. Favouritism, nepotism, and bad debts all contribute to corruption, a disease that can destroy a nation if left unchecked.

The government is not making good choices and doesn’t have good plans to stop corruption. Due to this reason, corruption is getting worse. The situation seems hopeless with no one to bring an end to corruption.

“Dishonesty leads to corruption”

Corruption is like a sickness that affects everyone in a country. It happens when people are greedy and care only about themselves. Due to this, we can face many problems like poverty, more crime, and people’s rights being taken away.
People in power who act corruptly make things worse, and things like fixing roads or buildings don’t happen.
We need to stop corruption. We must all ensure that the higher authorities are doing the right thing and are being honest.

Corruption is like snow. Once it set a rolling, it increases”

Government officials should also undergo scrutiny, but corrupt individuals must face the consequences of their wrongdoings through incarceration so that they cannot continue to harm others or engage in theft.
Our nation’s current standing in comparison to other countries highlights the devastating effects of corruption. Our nation lags behind due to the widespread abuse of power, where individuals know they will face no repercussions for their crimes.
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Education and awareness-raising are also critical in the fight against corruption. Men and Women of the county should know about their fundamental rights and responsibilities, and they need to know the impact that corruption has on their lives.

This requires a comprehensive approach, time and proper framework, including education in schools, public awareness campaigns, and the involvement of civil society organizations.

It is the demand of time to fight against corruption and hold those in power responsible for their actions. This can be done by creating stricter laws and punishments for those who engage in corruption. The government should enforce these laws and investigate any claims of corruption to ensure that justice is served.
Overall, the fight against corruption requires collective effort. We should always work hard and help each other to ensure that our society is free from the devastating effects of corruption.
In the end, I would like to say that, corruption is a cancer and destructive problem that requires a comprehensive and coordinated response. we can eradicate this evil by addressing the major causes of corruption and promoting transparency, accountability, and education. we can begin to break the cycle of corruption and create an equitable and corruption-free society or nation.
Devil dances on an empty pocket.

Shakespeare had great said:

Hell is empty, and all devils are here.


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