Math Notes 2nd Year : A Comprehensive Notes Of Integration

chapter 3 maths class 12 notes fsc
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Math Notes 2nd Year 

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 Ch 3 Math Notes 2nd Year  PDF 

  Math Notes 2nd-year chapter 3 Pdf consists of the following topics. Introduction of Differentials Variables, Distinguishing Between dy and δy And Simple application of Differentials. Integration as anti-derivative ( Inverse of Derivative), Some Standard Formulae for Anti-Derivatives, and Theorems on Anti Derivatives.Concept Of Exercise 3.2     Anti-Derivatives of [f(x)]nf′(x)[f(x)]nf′(x) and [f(x)]−1f′(x)[f(x)]−1f′(x).

Integration is reciprocal of the derivations.

Very important topics for the paper point of view of chapter 3 maths class 12  Integration by Method of Substitution, Some Useful Substitutions, And Integration by parts.Integration involving Partial Fraction, The Definite Integrals, and The Area Under the Curve to Theorem of Integrals.Last section of this chapter Application of Definite Integrals, Differential Equations, and Solution of a Differential Equation of First Order to Initial Conditions.

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Chapter 3 Maths Class 12 Notes

Math Notes 2nd Year : A Comprehensive Notes  Of Chapter 3 Integration
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