Essay on Corruption

Essay on Corruption

Essay on Corruption- 200 Words

     “Corruption” is often associated with deception and unlawful behaviour. Bribery and embezzlement are two examples of corruption. Leadership roles may make individuals prone to corruption since they have access to these kinds of workplaces. This kind of greed is mainly focused on oneself and pays little attention to the harm caused to others.

Despite efforts by many agencies to curb it, corruption is a big issue in Pakistan. Bribery is a common kind of corruption in which individuals accept bribes to escape arrest or exploitation by law enforcement, particularly during traffic stops. Corruption is difficult to eradicate, and attempts to avoid it are constant.

Several anti-corruption programs have failed to accomplish their objectives because individuals lack trust in the country’s legal system. When one party pays off another via bribery or improper contract awards, it undermines the notion of fairness and favours affluent persons disproportionately. This promotes structural inequalities and hampers anti-corruption measures.

To successfully combat corruption, it is critical to restore trust in the court and guarantee that corrupt persons are held responsible. This necessitates enhancing the judiciary’s independence, increasing accountability, and improving the administration of justice.

Essay about corruption-500 words

Corruption is criminal conduct done by persons in positions of power in government. It entails abusing authority for personal advantage in interactions with things under their control. Corruption is typically associated with unethical and criminal activity, as well as the abuse of the rights and privileges of others.

Corruption may take several forms, such as bribery or embezzlement. Individuals in positions of leadership in society may be more vulnerable to corruption due to their everyday exposure to such actions.

is the denial of honest and fair living. A person is corrupt when he is
dishonest in his intentions and actions. It is a widespread and all-pervasive
phenomenon in Pakistan. It has acquired new dimensions and has become a threat
to the security of the country. There is hardly any department and segment of
life where it does not exist. ‘Honesty is the best policy’ has become a slogan
of the past. Corruption exists in the form of bribery, cheating, blackmailing,
kickbacks, commissions and illegal gratification (تسکین،خوشی). It has become a contagious disease which affects all those
who come in its contact.

has become the pedestal of everything. Today all our relations are based on
calculations of material losses and gains. Our main aim in life is to become
rich overnight. We neither believe in the fairness of means nor the nobility of
ends. Our belief in simple living and contentment has vanished. We are not
satisfied with what we gain by honest means.

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is a common form of corruption. Bribery among government employees is the
most talked about form of corruption. People have to bribe the peons of civil
servants to get admission to their chamber. Certain departments of government
have foolproof and systematic methods to collect bribes from the people and then distribute them fairly among the various members of staff. The boss and the
subordinates do not suffer from any qualms (ملامت) of conscience and mental suffering after accepting bribes through
this system. They believe that it is their lawful earning.

colleges and schools which are the seats of learning are not free from the rot
) and cancer of
corruption. Fake degrees, diplomas and certificates are easily available.
Admissions are on the basis of donations not on merit. Appointments are
manipulated (سازبازکرنا). The examination system, too, is based on
malpractices (بے

is hardly any office in Pakistan which has smooth sailing without getting
money. Money is the main moving force behind every application and the proverb
‘money makes the mare go’ has become today’s currency in every department.

Elimination (خاتمہ) of corruption is not impossible but it is very
difficult. The laws dealing with public affairs must be simplified so that red tape may not tempt people to receive bribes. There should be fixed severe punishment for those who indulge in corruption and dishonest practices. The electronic media should also highlight the value of simple living, contentment and humility. The life of glitter and vanity should be banned by law.

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