Essay on Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

Essay on Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

Essay on Prophet Muhammad (SAW) – 200 Words

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was born on  12 Rabiulawal (29 August 570 CE), the third month of the Muslim calendar. His mother, Aminah (R.A.), was a member of the wealthy Banu Hashim family. The Hazrat Muhammad (peace be upon him) lost his father before his birth. Hazrat Aminah(R.A.) died when he was just six years old. He was then raised by his grandfather, Abdul Muttalib, and his uncle, Abu Talib, who taught him to worship Allah SWT.

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At the time, the Arabian people lived in a harsh environment of sand and heat, isolated from other nations and religions. They lived without laws or order, lacking a sense of faith. Hazrat Muhammad married a widow named Khadija (R.A.), who was 15 years older than him. She was a kind and devout woman who helped Muhammad to grow in his faith.

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In 622 CE, the Prophet Muhammad moved to Medina with his family. While meditating on Mount Hira at the age of 40, he had a vision of the angel Gabriel. This marked the beginning of his prophethood, and his first believer was his wife, Khadija (R.A.).

The Prophet Muhammad started Islam in Medina. He later gained the support of Mecca after he defeated them in battle and they moved to Medina. The Prophet Muhammad was a kind and caring person. He taught people to be peaceful and compassionate. His teachings are still important today, and Muslims all over the world respect him.

Essay on Prophet Muhammad (SAW) – 500 Words

“And We have sent thee (the Holy Prophet SAW) not but as a mercy for all people.” (The Holy Quran)

There are many personalities in the world, which inspire different people. The most respectful and sacred personality is Prophet Muhammad SAW. He SAW was born in the valley of Makkah. He SAW was born on 29 August 570 CE. According to Muslims’ calendar date, it was the 12th Rabi-ul-Awal. He SAW preached the religion, Islam. All the messengers came with this religion. All messengers taught the people the knowledge of Islam. Muhammad SAW taught Islam in an effective and efficient manner.

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Muhammad SAW led a simple life, which is the best example for all the people of the world. He SAW wore clean clothes. These clothes were usually not in good condition, which depicted the simplicity of our beloved Prophet SAW. He SAW was the leader of the Muslims and had all the power but He SAW did not avail any benefit from these powers. Prophet Muhammad SAW possessed tolerance. At the time of the conquest of Makkah. He SAW  forgave all his enemies. He SAW built up the Islamic Government in Median. Prophet Muhammad SAW possessed good manners and affection for all. He SAW emphasized on the independence of slaves. In His Last Hajj, He SAW addressed the Muslims that no white was superior to black, but could be, depending on deeds.

The Holy Prophet SAW used to worship Almighty Allah in the cave of Hira. He SAW received the first revelation of the Holy Quran in the cave of Hira. That was about the importance of Knowledge, which is given below:

“Recite in the name of your Lord Who created, Created man from a clinging substance.”

The Holy Prophet SAW used to say. “He who goes forth in search of knowledge is in the way of Allah till he returns.” He SAW also said. “The seeking of knowledge is obligatory upon every Muslim.”

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By getting an education, Muslim scientists made great progress in Chemistry, Medicine, Science and Philosophy. They were the pioneers of education. In history, the reign of Muslims was recognized not by war but because of revolution in every field of life. Before the arrival of Prophet Muhammad SAW, Arabs were cruel and uncivilized people. But after His preaching of Islam, they became a civilized nation and role model for other Muslims. He SAW was very kind humble and loving. He SAW prayed for the people of Taif, who threw stones at Him SAW. He SAW helped the old lady in her illness who threw garbage over Him SAW.

“And thou (The Holy Prophet SAW) dost, surely, possess sublime moral excellence.” (The Holy Quran)

Islam is not a religion of war and fights rather it is a religion of love, truth, affection and all good morals of life. It abstains us from sins and bad habits and leads us to good deeds and happy life. Islam saves our life in both worlds. We should follow the golden principles of Islam and the Hadith of the Holy Prophet SAW only, then we shall succeed.

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