Essay on the Holy Prophet (ﷺ)

Essay on the Holy Prophet

A prophet is a representation or a messenger sent by God to convey divine information and wisdom to people. As the final prophet for all of humanity, God sent the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). A prophet’s prophecies or revelations are called prophecies, and the person who wrote them down or spoke them aloud is called a prophet.

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 The Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) was born on the 12th of Rabi ul Awal according to Islamic Calendar.  Out Of all the Prophets, Only Muhammad (PBUH) is the Last Prophet and Messenger of Allah.

At the age of forty years, Hazrat Gabriel was sent towards Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) for Prophethood. When Allah’s close angel Gabriel appeared to him and ordered him to recite. He revealed the Quran through these revelations during a 23-year period.

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As a result of his effective missionary efforts, which included concentrating on justice, honesty, and trust, he finally gained a lot of followers of people. The faith he started had already achieved wide popularity when he departed to this world.

Allah has sent Muhammads PBUH Into the world to preach his teachings to all humans whether Muslims or non-Muslims. His Aim was to tell people that there is only One God Who is to be worshipped. Muhammad PBUH faced so many hurdles and obstacles during this journey of teaching and preaching Allah’s Messages.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) Spent such a life which acts as a beacon of hope for all the Muslims who have a firm belief in the day of Judgement. He Was the Role Model and an example of dignity. He was like a candle who lighted up the world through the darkness.

The Holy Prophet has been so kind that he even ordered his followers to be kind to animals. He (P.B.U.H.) believed in mercy and kindness. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) not only give teachings to humanity but also paid special attention to animals. He gave the message of being kind to animals. So, when a companion picked up the offspring of a bird and the bird began to shrill wildly, the Prophet (PBUH) asked who had picked up the young ones of the bird and made it restless. At this, the companion placed the young ones back in the same place. Then the bird felt relief. Once, he ordered about a camel to treat it kindly, to feed it sufficiently and to load it according to its strength. It is the saying of the holy prophet: “Show mercy to those who live on Earth, and Allah will have mercy on you.”

During the tenure of Makkah, for thirteen years The Holy Prophet (ﷺ) continuously preached Allah’s Message to the people. He asked people to abandon idolatry and evil doing and worship one Allah. A small group of people including a few prominent people of Makkah became Muslims. But most of the people of Makkah had not embraced Islam yet. They were the worst enemies of the Muslims. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was sent as a mercy to the whole world. One of the victories of Makkah, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) forgave all their foes.

Muhammad (PBUH) emphasized good relationships with others, including social, economic, and political interactions. The Prophet (PBUH) even taught kindness towards animals, embodying the values of mercy and compassion.

The passion and devotion of Muslims for the last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) play a strong role in the development of our Islamic knowledge, virtues and manners. His divine guidance is what guides the lives of Muslims both individually and collectively. Muhammad (PBUH) is the last prophet and messenger of Allah and No Prophet will come after him till judgement day.

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He was sent to reform humanity and prepare it for the resurrection. His prophecy and revelation are sufficient for all mankind till the end of this world. He declared that no prophet would come after him. Whoever accepts Muhammad as a prophet is refusing to accept one of Allah’s prophets. This shows that their rejection of prophethood means that they are refusing to believe in Allah.

The Hadith that acknowledges the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) as a human with faults emphasizes that everyone makes mistakes, which is why it is important for every person to follow his teachings. The knowledge and guidance he imparted are not limited to one religion but are for the benefit of all humankind.

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