Class 12th Notes For All Subjects In PDF

Class 12th Notes For All Subjects

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Class 12th is a crucial year in every student’s life. It is the year when students prepare for their board exams, which will determine their future career path. However, preparing for these exams can be a difficult task, especially with the vast syllabus and limited time. 

That’s where Class 12th notes come in handy. These notes are a concise summary of the entire syllabus and can help students revise quickly and efficiently. In this article, we will tell you how to download Class 12th notes for all subjects in PDF format.

How to Download Class 12th Notes  In PDF?

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Downloading Class 12th notes for all subjects in PDF format is very easy. Follow the steps below to download the notes:

In order to view online,

  1. Click on the “ Link after View and Download
  2. And then hit on “ Preview PDF online

In order to download,

  1. Click on the “ Link after View and Download
  2. And then hit on “Direct Download PDF

How to Use Class 12th Notes in PDF Effectively?

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  • You can download it on your smartphone or laptop
  • You can print them out for offline reading
  • You can save money
  • You can prepare for the board exams and other entry test exams.

Class 12th Biology Notes 

Class 12 Biology Notes

View and Download 👉 Class 12th Biology Notes

You Will Find :

Class 12th Notes Of Physics

Class 12th Notes Of Physics

View and Download 👉 Class 12 Physics Notes

You will find:

  • Chapter 12 Electrostatics Notes
  • Chapter 13 Current Electricity Notes
  • Chapter 14 Electromagnetism Notes
  • Chapter 15 Electromagnetic Induction Notes
  • Chapter 16 Alternating Current Notes
  • Chapter 17 Physics of Solid Notes
  • Chapter 18 Electronics Notes
  • Chapter 19 Dawn of Modern Physics Notes
  • Chapter 20 Atomic Spectra Notes
  • Chapter 21 Nuclear Physics Notes

Class 12th Math Notes

Class 12th Math Notes

View and Download 👉 Class 12 Math Notes

You will find:

  • Unit 1 Functions and Limits Notes
    • Exercise 1.1
    • Exercise 1.2
    • Exercise 1.3
    • Exercise 1.4
    • Exercise 1.5
  • Unit 2 Differentiation Notes
    • Exercise 2.1
    • Exercise 2.2
    • Exercise 2.3
    • Exercise 2.4
    • Exercise 2.5
    • Exercise 2.6
    • Exercise 2.7
    • Exercise 2.8
    • Exercise 2.9
    • Exercise 2.10
  • Unit 3 Integration Notes
    • Exercise 3.1
    • Exercise 3.2
    • Exercise 3.3
    • Exercise 3.4
    • Exercise 3.5
    • Exercise 3.6
    • Exercise 3.7
    • Exercise 3.8
  • Unit 4 Introduction to Analytical Geometry Notes
    • Exercise 4.1
    • Exercise 4.2
    • Exercise 4.3
    • Exercise 4.4
    • Exercise 4.5
  • Unit 5 Linear Inequalities and Linear Programming Notes
    • Exercise 5.1
    • Exercise 5.2
    • Exercise 5.3
  • Unit 6 Conic Sections Notes
    • Exercise 6.1
    • Exercise 6.2
    • Exercise 6.3
    • Exercise 6.4
    • Exercise 6.5
    • Exercise 6.6
    • Exercise 6.7
    • Exercise 6.8
    • Exercise 6.9
  • Unit 7 Vectors Notes
    • Exercise 7.1
    • Exercise 7.2
    • Exercise 7.3
    • Exercise 7.4
    • Exercise 7.5

Class 12 Chemistry Notes

Class 12th Chemistry Notes

View and Download 👉 Class 12th Chemistry  Notes

You will find:
  • Chapter 1 – Periodic Classification of Elements
  • Chapter 2 – s-Block Elements
  • Chapter 3 – Group III A & Group IVA Elements
  • Chapter 4 – Group VA & Group VIA Elements
  • Chapter 5 – The Halogens & The Noble Gases
  • Chapter 6 – Transition Elements
  • Chapter 7 – Fundamental Principles of Organic Chemistry
  • Chapter 8 – Aliphatic Hydrocarbons
  • Chapter 9 – Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  • Chapter 10 – Alkyl Halides
  • Chapter 11 – Alcohols, Phenols & Ethers
  • Chapter 12 – Aldehydes and Ketones
  • Chapter 13 – Carboxylic Acids
  • Chapter 14 – Macromolecules
  • Chapter 15 – Common Chemical Industries in Pakistan
  • Chapter 16 – Environmental Chemistry

Class 12th English Notes

Class 12th English Notes

View and Download 👉 Class 12 English  Notes

You will find: 

Book II Lessons & Mr Chips

Ch 1 The Dying Sun

Ch 2 Using Scientific Method

Ch 3 Why Boys Fail in College

Ch 4 End of Term

Ch 5 On Destroying Books

Ch 6 The Man Who Was a Hospital

Ch 7 My Financial Career

Ch 8 China’s Way to Progress

Ch 9 Hunger and Population Explosion

Ch 10 The Jewel of the World

Ch 11 First Year at Harrow

Ch 12 Hitch Hiking Across the Sahara

Ch 13 Sir Alexander Fleming

Ch 14 Louis Pasteur

Ch 15 Mustafa Kamal

These English notes include solved Short Questions of Modern Pros & Heroes, MR. Chips, Solved Grammar, Prepositions, Essays, Idioms.

2nd Year Computer Science Notes

View and Download 👉 Class 12 Computer Science Notes

You Will Find 

  • Ch 1 Data Basics

Data: Data is a collection of
facts, figures and statistics related to an object, that can be
processed to produce a piece of meaningful information.

Information: The manipulated and processed data
called information e.g., the
of students results. It is an output of
a certain process.

Operations: Manipulation of data (after capturing from different sources) to achieve the
required objectives and results. For this purpose, a software (program)
is used to
process raw data which is converted to meaningful information.

These are categorized into three
basic activities :

Data Capturing: Data must be
recorded or captured in some form before it can
be processed.

Data Manipulation: The
following operations may then be performed on the
gathered data.

Classifying: Organizing data into classes /groups. Items may be assigned predetermined codes, they can be numeric, alphabetic or alphanumeric.

Calculations: Arithmetic manipulation of the data.

Sorting: Data is arranged in logical sequence (numerically or alphabetically).

Summarizing: Masses of data are reduced to a more concise and usable form.

Managing The
Output Results
: Once the data is captured & manipulated it
may be :

Storing and
: Data is retained for future
reference. Accessing/fetching the
stored data and/or information is the Retrieve
Communication and Reproduction: Data may be
transferred from one
location or
operation to another,
further processing. It is sometimes necessary to copy or
make duplicates of data, called Reproduction.

  • Ch 2 Basic Concepts & Terminology      
  • Ch 3 Database Design Process      
  • Ch 4 Data Integrity & Normalization      
  • Ch 5 Introduction to Microsoft Access    
  • Ch 6 Table and Query      
  • Ch 7 Microsoft Access Forms and Reports      
  • Ch 8 Getting Started with C     
  • Ch 9 Elements of C    
  • Ch 10 Input Output of C      
  • Ch 11 Decision Structures of C  
  • Ch 12 Loop Constructs of C  
  • Ch 13 Functions in C
  • Ch 14 File Handling in C


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