Essay On My Ambition in Life


Essay On My Ambition in Life

Essay On My Ambition In Life -200 Words

Ambition is essential for setting and achieving goals. It drives us to push through obstacles and work towards success. Without ambition, we may lose motivation and respect for others.
In my case, my ambition is to provide low-cost medical care to underprivileged communities. The desire to help others and the admiration for the selfless service of doctors has always been my passion. 

However, I have observed that the priorities of some doctors have shifted from serving humanity to making money. Nevertheless, there are still many doctors who serve as role models for others.

To achieve my ambition of providing low-cost medical care to underprivileged communities, I have made a plan to study medicine and specialize in a field that would allow me to serve this population. 

I have also researched and identified organizations and programs that focus on providing medical aid to low-income communities, and plan to volunteer or work with them in the future.

I understand that there will be many challenges and obstacles along the way, such as limited resources and financial constraints. However, my ambition and passion for helping others gives me the determination and drive to overcome these challenges and make a positive impact on society.

Overall, my ambition to provide low-cost medical care to underprivileged communities is not just a professional goal, but a personal mission that I am deeply passionate about. With hard work, determination and the right resources, I am confident that I can make a difference and positively impact the lives of many people.

Essay On My Ambition In Life -500 Words

You can’t put a limit on anything. The more you
dream, the farther you get.
” – Michael Phelps

An ambition or aim
is the greatest motivating force that determines the course of one’s life. Life
without an incentive is like a sandy desert where no flower blooms. It is a
constant source of inspiration. Greatness and success in life are not like
windfalls. It is achieved through honest labour and perfect devotion. Edison
remarks, “Genius is ten percent; inspiration and perspiration is ninety
Man himself is the maker of his destiny and the architect of his
own life. It has been rightly said by Shakespeare:

The fault, dear
Brutus, is not in our stars,

But in ourselves
that we are underlings.

Bacon, the famous
essayist, remarks, “The mould of man’s fortune is in his own hands”. In
this world of material gains and pursuits, every one of us wants to adopt a
profession which may bring to him wealth, honour and fame. In choosing a
profession, we should bear in mind that it should bring to us peace of mind and
spiritual pleasure.

There are many
honourable professions lying before me. But I love to teach. Therefore, I want
to be a teacher in future. I know that teaching is not a rewarding and lucrative
(سودمند،نفع بخش) profession. Teachers are poorly paid in underdeveloped
countries. But the best people in the world are those who fight against the
forces of ignorance, tyranny (جبر،استبداد) and injustice. To educate an ignorant person of society is to
pave the way to success and prosperity.

A teacher is like a
lamp spreading light that shows way to those who are wandering aimlessly on the
paths of darkness. It is said that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the
world. Similarly, the brain that produces genii, artists, rulers, patriots and
soldiers also rules the hearts and minds of the people. Aristotle, Socrates and
Plato were the great teachers of their times. Their ideas, doctrines and works
have deeply influenced every sphere of life.

A teacher’s job does
not end with the class work. He inspires and guides his students day and night.
He teaches them to remain cool and calm in every situation. A good teacher is
patient, forbearing (متحمّل) and resigned (قانع،راضی برضا).
He is upright (سچا،ایماندار) and conscientious and never succumbs to (جھکنا،زیرہونا)
the baser temptations of jealousy, suspicion, bitterness and arrogance. I shall
fail to realize my aim in life if I do not work hard. The realization of this
aim requires perfect devotion, ceaseless (لگاتار)
labour and constant struggle. I cherish (عزیزجاننا)
optimistic hope to produce such men as could leave behind indelible (انمٹ)
marks on the sands of time. My pupils will keep before their mind this motto:

The heights by great
men reached and kept

Were not attained by
sudden flight.

I am satisfied that this aim of my life
will not remain a dream. It will soon blossom into a fragrant rose and shine as a
beacon of light (روشن
مینار،چراغِ راہ
)for the ignorant, backward and morally corrupt people.
Deviation from this aim would result in total ruin as Wordsworth has pointed

A noble aim,

Faithfully kept, is
as a noble deed,

In whose pure light
all virtues succeed.

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