Essay on Pollution

Essay on Pollution

Essay on Pollution – 200 Words

word ‘pollute’ means to destroy the purity of things. In the past, there was no
industry so there was no pollution. With the progress of mankind, pollution has become a widespread problem in every country. 

Pakistan is no exception to it. Pollution exists in Pakistan and other
countries of the world in many forms. There is land pollution, air pollution
and water pollution. Land pollution takes place due to waste material of
industries, garbage (کوڑاکرکٹ) and household trash (ردی). The massive use of pesticides is also polluting the

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pollution is caused by gases, smoke and chemicals emitted by factories and
mills. Science has given us many comforts of life but it has also polluted our

pollution is the most dangerous in its effect. Polluted water
makes us ill. We suffer from stomach disorders by drinking impure water. Water
is polluted when we throw the garbage of mills and factories into canals and
rivers. This water is very harmful for animal life. 

is another type of pollution which is very dangerous for the stability of our
culture. It is moral pollution. We lead sinful life. We are a morally
shattered nation. We live on fraud and cheating. We go back upon our promises.
We weigh and measure less. We adulterate (ملاوٹ کرنا) food stuff. We sell impure milk, ghee and vegetables. 

Any type of pollution is a poison to society. We must fight against it.Our religion Islam gives full importance to a pure and clean life. We must makestrict laws to fight against pollution of all type.

Essay on Pollution – 500 Words

 Pollution has proved itself to be a huge Monster of this modern age that
polluted our environment every single second. It is harmful to all creatures
including the whole plant kingdom. Horrors of pollution have increased to a
large extent. There are a number of fundamental factors which have contributed
to the enhancement of pollution. It has expanded in each and every field.

             Major factors are the Mills And
factories which are the main cause of the increasing environmental pollution rate.
Poisonous gases are evolved from the factories which make the environmental
condition polluted. Waste matter and poisonous substances are also released in
liquid form and as such sea water is polluted which is really a harmful
condition to marine life. Gases including oxides of carbon and Sulphur are
also harmful to human health when their percentage concentration is increased
in the atmosphere.

           Concentrated soot released from vehicles is also dangerous. It causes
pollution in nature. It is also the cause of increasing noise pollution.

pollution is also very disturbing for the peace of people. Excessive use of
horns damages our ears. The noise produced by buses, cars and other vehicles is
also very disturbing. The noise produced by loudspeakers is also uninviting (ناپسندیدہ). High-pitched music played in the shops
is also very cruel. Noise pollution is harmful to human health. The students
cannot study in the presence of loud noise produced by different things. 

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          Environmental pollution is also damaging the
outer covering of the air mass and by, which is the layer of ozone gas.
Covering of the ozone gas prevents ultraviolet rays of the Sun to reach the
earth. These ultraviolet rays cause many diseases.

         It has been discovered that the ozone layer is
broken up in some places and the growth of some diseases has been observed in
those regions of the earth. It has been quoted that

Pollution Is An Incurable Disease. It Can Only Be Prevented.”

         It is really necessary to take essential
measures to decrease the rate of pollution. Measures have been adopted but they
seem to be insufficient. Our world is greatly suffering from its harmful
effects and it has affected the beauty of nature. Means and measures should
seriously be adopted in this connection to decrease the pollution rate.

         The harmful effects of pollution are
unbearable. This problem is worldwide. It is the main cause of allergic asthma
and other types of allergies. There are countless people in the world who are
suffering from allergic asthma. Victims of this monstrous problem are especially
the countries of the third world where the mode of dwelling is already
backward. A low standard of living generates countless problems and ascending
pollution rate is one of these miserable situations.

           It is essential to make measures to
reduce the pollution rate otherwise a healthy atmosphere cannot prevail. It can
only be wiped out if strict measures are taken by the public sector and at the government levels.

Being Muslims, it is our duty to keep ourselves neat and clean. Moreover, our Government should pay full attention to grow more forests and planting new trees.     

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