Fsc 12th Class Mathematics Notes Chapter 4 (Free Download PDF )

12th Class Mathematics Notes Of Chapter 4

Are you looking for 12th Class Mathematics Notes From Chapter 4?

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The syllabus taught in all the educational institutions of Punjab province belongs to the Punjab Text Book Board.

  2nd Year Math  Notes Chapter 4 For Which Board?

These notes are very useful for second-year pre-engineering students as well as for ICS students in 2nd-year math chapter 4. All the boards of Punjab province have the same course, so it will be very useful to you if you belong to 
  • Lahore Board

  • Gujranwala Board

  • Rawalpindi Board

  • Sargodha Board 

  • Multan Board

  • Faisalabad Board

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These Notes Are Very useful for Fsc and ICS Students.

You may have understood that if you are from Punjab province or AJK, these notes are helpful to you.

What is inside the Fsc Second Year Math Notes Of Chapter 4  ?

It’s the PDF for Fsc second-year math notes chapter 4 introduction to Analytical Geometry. In this PDF of part 3 math notes of chapter 4, you will find complete solutions of all the exercises of math part 2 chapter 4. You will also get the definitions and MCQs related to Introduction To Analytical Geometry.

 12th Class Mathematics  Notes Ch 4 PDF 

Fsc Part 2 Math Notes Of Chapter 4 the chapter name is Introduction To Analytical Geometry.

There is total five exercises of Introduction To Analytical Geometry.

The following Concept will be cleared in the PDF of 2nd year math notes of chapter 4. You will get the Introduction to the Distance Formula and Point Dividing the Join of Two Points in a given Ratio.
Exercise 4.1 PDF consists of all these topics. The solution of Translation and Rotation of Axes related to Exercise 4.2.

Exercise 4.3 is very important to exercise of this chapter. The following concept will be cleared in this exercise of chapter 4 Equations of Straight Lines,  Slope or Gradient of a Straight Line Joining Two Points, Equation of a Straight Lines Parallel to the x-axis (or Perpendicular to the y-axis)

Equation of a Straight Lines Parallel to the y-axis (or Perpendicular to the x-axis),Derivation of Standard forms of Equations of Straight Lines ,A Linear Equation in Two Variables Represents a Straight Line, To Transform the General Linear Equation in Standard Forms, Position of a point with respect to a line, Two and Three Straight Lines, The Points of Intersection of two Straight Lines
Condition of Concurrency of Three Straight Lines, The Equation of Lines through the Point of Intersection of two Lines,  Distance of a Point from a Line, Distance between two Parallel Lines,
Area of a Triangular Region whose Vertices are given.

Angle Between Two Lines and Equation of a Straight Line in Matrix form concept cleared in Exercise 4.4. 

The last topics of this chapter are Homogeneous Equation of the Second Degree in two Variables, Homogeneous Equation and To find the measure of the angle between the lines represented by ax2+2hxy+by2=0 

Fsc Second Year Math Notes Of Chapter 4 Download

Here is the complete Solution For 2nd Year Maths Chapter 4. You Can preview it online or you can download it easily by clicking on the following buttons.

12th Class Mathematics Notes :Chapter 04
Size: 8 MB | Pages:57 | Content: All Solved Exercises

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