Essay on Role of Media

Essay On Role Of Media

Here is an essay on the Role of Media for students in 10th, 12th grade and college. This essay can be used to answer questions such as “What is the Role of Media?”, “How does media impact our society?”, “What is the role of media in Pakistan?” and “What is the importance of media?”. This essay will explore the various forms of media, including print, electronic, and internet-based media.

Essay on Role of Media -300 Words

The media is so important in our society today. It can influence people, and it does so often without us even knowing about it. We are exposed to the media every day, whether we mean to be or not! There’s no way around it. We live in a world where you need the media at your fingertips. The question isn’t if you’ll use the media, but how well do you know what exactly “the media” is?

Mass media is a unique feature of modern society. It includes all means of communication like television, radio, newspapers and the Internet. All these are a source of information, education and entertainment. Today, media is considered the fourth pillar of the state all over the world, Lord Macaulay had given this status to media.

Media helps us to know about current affairs. Media persons put their lives in danger during their live coverage of terrorist attacks or natural disasters just to update us. This is how many countries are able to contribute to the affected areas. Without media, our life is incomplete and is like a lamp without oil.

The debate on the role of media is, in fact, a debate on a changing world. Its role in updating people about the happenings around the world is of great importance. Media is just a reflection of social realities. The importance of media is so great that it is viewed as the fourth pillar of democracy. It has a great role to play in the progress of a nation. It has to be very careful and responsible for its role. It has got to be free, fair and impartial in order to change our society and improve our living conditions.

In Short, the media plays an important role in grooming society. its significance can not be denied.

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The mass media mean the sources of information and entertainment which are available to the public or masses of a country. These media play an important role in building public opinion in a democratic country. They are divided into two kinds; print media and electronic media.

Mass media has created a sense of awareness and engagement in the people, and it is possible to obtain news from all over the world just by going through their morning papers or watching TV.

Newspapers, books and magazines are included in print media. Radio, television and the internet are included in electronic media. Both electronic and print media play an important role in the life of every person. These are great sources of information and entertainment for the public.

Everybody looks to them to get information about his country, nation, religion and culture. Their influence is not only on educated people but a layman also looks them attentively. If media is stopped from yielding information to the public, the entire world plunges into darkness and ignorance. It provides us all kinds of information and builds our knowledge. Media controls our mind. It provides us knowledge about the life of our villages, cities and towns. Media provides each and all kinds of information about everything. It does not hide anything from the eyes of public. Media educates the people.

The mass media educate domestic women about cooking, medicine and elementary nursing of children. The children have an informative and entertaining program for their mental standards. They can build their knowledge about different branches of knowledge at a very early stage.

Print media include newspapers, books and magazines, and electronic media; consisting of radio, television and the Internet. Media are a great source of information and entertainment for all types of people. Nobody can deny their influence. Everybody looks to them to get information about their country, nation, religion and culture. Print media has created an awareness among the people to know their rights and duties. We can update ourselves by going through the morning newspaper, getting every kind of news from the whole world in a single read. 

The Internet is a recent addition to the mass media. It connects us to the global computer network. Through it, we can access information about world events almost instantly. We can connect with universities, offices, businesses, and other important institutions in no time. We can pay bills, submit admission fees, and manage our bank accounts online. The internet provides us with job alerts and potential marriage matches. It keeps us up to date with the latest developments in medicine, surgery, wireless technology, industry, and other fields. We can plan our travels and choose the best route based on weather forecasts.

In short, Media can provide many kinds of information, which are needed. There is no doubt that the internet can also be used negatively, but it depends on its users. Although many political parties do not like the fair criticism of the media, the media is performing its role positively and actively.

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