Essay on Kashmir

Essay On Kashmir

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Essay On Kashmir (200 Words)

The Kashmiri conflict is the most crucial issue in India. Pakistan and its allies have fought against this for decades, but no resolution has been found so far.

The British sold an area of land called “Kashmir” to Gulab Singh back in 1846 on the condition that if unity was lost (with other people), then they would be allowed ownership of half or more than half the area by paying money as compensation. Some areas were not bought when these two countries became independent from each other-giving them freedom after years under colonial rule. 

The Valley’s Hindu king Raja Hari Singh decided to stay with India while many citizens wanted independence and supported joining Pakistan instead; His decision led to protests which resulted in violence between Muslims & Hindus.

In 1948, the Kashmiri people voted in a UN-sponsored referendum to determine whether they wanted to be part of India or Pakistan. However, after Pakistani forces withdrew from most parts of Jammu and Kashmir during ceasefire negotiations with Indian troops later that year, New Delhi refused to allow the ballot boxes for this referendum to reach their destination – instead insisting on holding its elections, which were rigged as expected.

Essay On Kashmir (500 Words)

The Kashmir issue is a core problem between Pakistan and India. It has profound, direct effects on Indo-Pak relations as well as peace in South Asia itself. At present, the conflict over this region will be considered one of international importance because it can affect not only those two countries but also all others who are interested in that area’s prosperity and stability.

The struggle for freedom by the people of Kashmir goes back fifty years ago when they split into different independent nations: Pakistan to the northwest with a Muslim majority population; while Hindu/Sikh dominated India was established to its southeast counterpart where many Muslims live currently or migrated after partitioning due to religious persecution from their new state’s government officials which led them down what some call “the road towards hell.

One can imagine the loss and sacrifices that have been offered and are still being offered by the people of Kashmir.

Talking about Kashmir raises many questions in one’s mind like:

  • Why is Kashmir not independent yet? 
  • What is the role of UNO? 
  • Is India superior to UNO?
  • Is it true that there will be no solution for this issue at any point? 

The Kashmir conflict is a tension that has been brewing for centuries. The decision of which country it would be part of was largely based on the population ratio, with 80% Muslims and 20% Hindus living in the region at the time.

When partition happened, India seemed to have won due to this huge Muslim majority. However, when Hindu Maharaja Ranjit Singh took power, he turned things around by declaring that while still ruling under British rule (the Indian Independence Act came into effect), they’d become an independent state – giving them rights against their invaders from Pakistan-India tensions soon became all too apparent as violence erupted between people across borders who were now enemies rather than allies or neighbours; he then proceeded to commit brutal acts against his citizens like bombing villages indiscriminately.

The Kashmiri people fled their homeland in the face of religious persecution by Hindu militants. Pakistan, a Muslim country to which they found refuge, has always advocated for peace and justice on this issue because freedom is everyone’s natural right.

There have been numerous efforts by India; however, there can be no justification for any action that deprives people of these rights without provocation or cause.”

The Kashmiris have been dreaming of freedom for decades. For the last few years, there have been discussions between Pakistan and India to settle this matter amicably. The latest discussion occurred in July 2001 at a conference called Ailan-e-Lahore.”

“Ailaan e Lahor,” or “The Conference of Lahore,” was an attempt at peace talks initiated by then Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf when he invited Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to attend a summit meeting about resolving their differences over the disputed territory that is now known as Jammu & Kashmir (a region on both sides of Indo Pakistani border).

Previously all agreements had failed because neither country could agree on who should administer it.

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