Essay on a Visit to A Historical Place


Essay on a Visit to A Historical Place-200 Words

It is a pleasurable experience to visit a historical site. It permits us to reflect on our culture’s origins.

Pakistan is one of the world’s most popular tourism destinations. A visit will provide you and your family with memories that will last a lifetime.

Pakistan has a diverse cultural and historical heritage. Throughout Asia, there are several well-known historical sites.

We went on a journey last week. We wanted to see a historical place first. So I recommended that we go to Jahangir’s tomb. It is a well-known tourist attraction in our city. So that we could get there, my pal borrowed his friend’s scooter.

We walked outside the museum, giddy with anticipation. We couldn’t wait for the day to come to a close at this wonderful location.

We were standing in front of Jahangir’s Tomb. We were delighted to see it. First and foremost, we visited Jahangir’s Tomb and were awestruck by its splendour. On the other side of the Ravi River, near Shahdara in Lahore, is Jahangir’s Tomb.

The enormous mausoleum is a great example of Mughal architecture’s style and art.

You should also pay a visit. The tombs are in excellent condition and provide insight into the Moghul civilization.

Essay on a Visit to A Historical Place – 460 Words

A thing of beauty is a joy forever

loveliness increases, it will never pass into nothingness! (Keats)

The historical places, no doubt, are beautiful objects. They are a
source of pleasure, joy and comfort. They are treasures (خزانہ) of our past. They reflect our past history.
A visit to some historical place is always valuable for a student. It enriches
(بڑھانا) his knowledge and increases his vision.
There are many historical places in Pakistan.

I happened to visit Jehangir’s Tomb last Sunday. I reached the
tomb by bus. The splendid building of the tomb was before my eyes.

On entering the gate, I saw spacious (وسیع) lawns on either side of the road. The flowers were fluttering
and dancing in the breeze. The soft incense (مہک) was coming from the boughs. Keats has rightly sung for such a
splendid scene:

Ah happy, happy boughs that cannot shed

Young leaves, nor ever bid the spring adieu.        

The grand building was surrounded by open lawns. There were green
grassy plots with fountains on either side of the canal. Cypress (سرو) and other trees added to its charm. Its
four great minarets stood like watchmen. There were flowers of different
colours and kinds. All the plants and flowers were in their bloom.

I marched on towards the right. Soon, I reached the main building which
was very beautiful to look at. It was constructed with white marbles. Around
it, there was a wall of red stones. The tomb was in the centre of the building.

In the inner room of the tomb, sleeps the great Mughal Emperor
Jehangir. The walls of this room have curious (متجسّس) and coloured designs on them. I was greatly surprised to see
the craftsmanship of the stone cutters and artisans of Mughal times.

The huge mausoleum (مزار) had a vast terrace (چبوترہ). In each corner, a minaret soared up in the sky. I went up to
one of the towers and from there I could see the lofty (بلند مرتبہ) building of Badshahi Masjid. The whole city
of Lahore was before my eyes. The river Ravi appeared to be no more than a
silvery line. I came down and offered fateha at the grave of the great Mughal

As I offered fateha, I was filled with great reverence (احترام) and love for the mighty king. I felt that
the paths of glory lead but to the grave. The emperor lay forgotten in his grave.
There were none of his courtiers to salute him. I came home burdened with
feelings of sorrow and gloom. The futility and aimlessness of life stood
exposed before me. How beautifully James Shirley has depicted (تصویرکھینچنا) the picture of the futility of life:

The glories of our blood and state

Are shadows, not substantial things;

There is no armour against fate;

Death lays its cruel hand on kings.

Essay on a Visit to A Historical Place – 450 Words

“It is good people who make good places.”

(Anna Sewell, Black Beauty)

Last Sunday we went to Jahangeer Tomb for a picnic. It was a pleasant day. It was
neither hot nor cold. My mother cooked very delicious (مزیدار) dishes to eat there.
They were in small steel pots so that we might heat them there. We also took a
lot of fruit with us. We left home at 9 o’ clock in the morning. The sun was
shining brightly but it was not hot. We hired a taxi and reached the tomb at
10. The tomb is built on acres of land and is surrounded by very thick walls.
There are big gardens all-round the tomb.

 As we entered the main gate, we were greatly impressed by the greenery and beauty
of the surrounding area. There were many shady places. As we entered another
gate we saw the tomb just before our eyes. The colour and texture (
بناوٹ) of the tomb caught our
eyes. We saw many English and European tourists there. They were taking pictures
of the tomb. Its unique (منفرد
) design attracts a lot
of foreign tourists every year. We went inside the tomb and said ‘Fatiha’.
After that, we went to a corner of the garden. The mother took out a sheet of cloth
and spread it on the ground to sit on. Then she started heating the food in a
portable gas oven. We helped her in setting the plates on the sheet. After that, we enjoyed a big delicious meal in a very pleasant atmosphere. It was our first
experience of eating outside in the open. We were sitting in a circle and
felt very excited while eating.

“Great places,
great memories.”

(Lailah Gifty


After enjoying a good hearty meal, we played for some time. I saw some boys
playing cricket in the gardens. They were making a lot of noise. To my right, a
family was playing some indoor game. Everybody was so relaxed and happy. They
were enjoying themselves. After that, we went around the tomb. It was amazing to
see so much greenery around. There was a tall tree in the garden. Flowers of
different colours were adding to the beauty of the tomb. There was no pollution
in the city and no noise from the horns and rickshaws.

After some time we returned home more happy and fresh. I think it is a good idea
to go for a picnic once in a while. It has a good effect on our body and mind. I
will remember my visit to the Jahangir Tomb forever.

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty, – that is all
Ye know on earth,

and all ye need to know”

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