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2nd year math notes

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What is a Derivative?

The derivative is a way to show rate of change: that is, the amount by which a function is changing at one given point. For functions that act on the real numbers, it is the slope of the tangent line at a point on a graph.


Why these 2nd-year maths notes of chapter 2 are very important?. The reason behind this is that these notes are written according to your board exam paper’s point of view.

With the help of these notes, you can clear your concepts, and also you will be able to solve the objective part of your 2nd-year math paper.

If you want to get the MCQs of 2nd Year Math Notes Of chapter 2 then you can get the free PDF by clicking on the following links.

So that’s why these single notes covered all the aspects of math paper-like long questions, short questions, definitions and MCQs.

You can eaisly get 20 marks in your board exam after preparing this chapter.

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These notes are as per  latest syllabus/course prescribed by Punjab Text Book Board Lahore.

  2nd Year Math  Notes Chapter 2 For Which Board?

These notes are very useful for second-year pre-engineering students as well as for ICS students 2nd-year math chapter 2 . all the boards of Punjab province have the same course, so it will be very useful to you if you belong to 
  • Lahore Board

  • Gujranwala Board

  • Rawalpindi Board

  • Sargodha Board 

  • Multan Board

  • Faisalabad Board

    What Is Inside 2nd-Year Maths Notes Of Chapter 2 PDF?

2nd Year math chapter 2 notes pdf consists of a complete solution of second-year math chapter 2. All exercises of the math chapter 2 solutions with examples. Definitions of 2nd-year math chapter 2 are also included in this PDF.

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Topics which are included in this pdf are the average rate of change and the derivative of the functions. Find f′(x) from the definition of the derivative, and differentiation of expressions of the types. Theorems of differentiation, the chain rule, a derivative of inverse functions.  A derivative of a Function given in the form of parametric Equations. Differentiation of Implicit Relation is also part of this PDF. Derivatives of Trigonometric Function and Derivatives of Inverse Trigonometric Functions. These topics are also included in the 2nd year math chapter 2 pdf which is Derivative of Exponential Functions. derivative of the Logarithmic Function. Logarithmic Differentiation and Derivative of Hyperbolic Function. The derivative of the Inverse Hyperbolic Function and The Series Expansions of Function Tailor Series Expansions of Function is also included. Geometrical Interpretation of a Derivative to Increasing and Decreasing Function and Successive Differentiation ( or Derivatives). The last topic is Relative to Extrema Critical Values and Critical Points.

Here is the complete Solution of 2nd Year Maths Chapter 2. You Can preview it online or you can download it easily by clicking on the following buttons.

Chapter 02 :12th Class Mathematics Notes Download

Chapter 02: 2nd Year Math Notes PDF
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