Physics Notes For Class 9th Chapter 1 [Physical Quantities & Measurements]

physics notes for 9th chapter 1
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Physics is the branch of science in which we study about matter, energy and relationship between them.

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Physical Quantities and Measurements
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 Physical Quantities and Measurements Unit One 9th class conceptually linked with the first year physics Unit “Measurements”

SLOs of  Physics Notes For Class 9th Chapter 1

After Studying this  Chapter 1 Physics  Notes students will be able to 
  • Describe the crucial role of Physics in Science, Technology and Society.
  • Explain with examples that Science is based on physical quantities which consist of numerical magnitude and a unit
  • Differentiate between the base and derived physical quantities
  • list the seven units of System International (SI) along with their symbols and physical quantities (standard definitions of SI units are not required). Interconvert the prefixes and their symbols to indicate multiples and sub-multiples for both bases and derived units. 
  •  Write the answer in scientific notation in measurements and calculations.
  • Describe the working of Vernier Callipers and screw gauge for measuring length.
  • Identify and explain the limitations of measuring instruments such as metre rule, Vernier Callipers and screw gauge.
  • Describe the need using significant figures for recording and stating results in the laboratory.
Do You Know?
A  number which can be written in the power of ten is called standard form or scientific notations.

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    • Important Short Questions Of  Chapter 1 Physical Quantities & Measurements
  1. Estimate your 14 years of age in seconds. 
  2. What is meant by Vernier Constants? 
  3. Define base and derived units give an example 
  4. What is the use of physical balance? 
  5. Define base and derived quantities and also give example. 
  6. Define scientific notation and express 0.00580 in scientific notation. 
  7. Write the four advantages of physics In our daily life? 
  8. What is physics and write down the names of the two branches?  
  9. What is meant by significant figures in a measurement? 
  10. What is meant by prefixes and give example? 
  11. Round off 1.38 and 1.45. 
  12. Why screws gauge measure more accurately than a Vernier Callipers? 
  13. Write down two rules to find significant figures? 
  14. Define mechanics and Geophysics.  
  15. Define the least count and vernier callipers and write the value of least count for Vernier Callipers 
  16. What do you know about the zero error? 
  17. What is meant by least count of screw gauge? 
  18. Define significant figures for any physical quantities. 
  19. What we shall obtain to round off the last digit from 1.36 and 1.45. 
  20. Why is the use of zero error necessary in measuring instrument? 
  21. How does a mechanical stopwatch work? 
  22. A screw gauge has 50 divisions on its circular scale. The pitch of the screw gauge in 0.5mm. What is the least count? 
  23. Define pitch of screw gauge. 
  24. Write names of seven base quantities. 
  25. What is meant by SI units? 
  26. Write down the formula to calculate the least count of the screw gauge. 
  27. Define term light.
  28. What is the use of measuring cylinder? 
  29. What is meant by zero error and zero correction? 
  30. Difference between plasma physics and geophysics. 
  31. Difference between a base and derived quantities. 
  32. How to use the digital stopwatch. 
  33. Define electromagnetism. 
  34. How to use meter rod? 
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